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About Parachute

There is more than one band with this name:

1.) Parachute was founded as a project in 2000 in Germany, focussing on ambient, drone, experimental and space sounds, and processed music, their musical roots are resulting out of krautrock, ambient, minimal drones, and soundscapes like Thomas Köner and earlier electronic music like Morton Feldmann, Klaus Schulze, John Cage etc… Group members are c_drive and triPhaze. The official site of Parachute is at the privatelektro record label.

2.) Parachute was a solo project created in 2005 by Matthew Stevens. The Illinois based project expanded to include Emily Sobacki on Violin and Stephanie Popoca on Glockenspiel and backup vocals. Upon the discovery of a different band called Parachute (see below) the members collectively decided on a name change. The band is now known as Emblems.

3.) Parachute (formerly Sparky's Flaw) is a five-member pop band hailing from Charlottesville, Virginia, currently signed to Mercury Records. The band's first major label release, Losing Sleep, debuted exclusively on iTunes on May 2009. Formerly known as Parachute VA, the band dropped the "VA" for legal reasons. The band's members, Will Anderson, Kit French, Alex Hargrave, Johnny Stubblefield, and Nate McFarland, have been touring for the past two years and have shared the stage with the Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift among others.

4.) Parachute is a Japanese fusion band. Members consist of Akira Inoue, Tatsuo Hayashi,Tsuyoshi Kon, Mike Dunn, Yoshihiko Ando, Ima Tsuyoshi and Nobu Saito. .