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About Annie Moses Band

The Annie Moses Band is an award-winning group of Juilliard-trained musicians and songwriters dedicated to musical and spiritual excellence in the arts. With roots in both classical, jazz, and Christian music, the group has recorded six albums and performs more than a hundred concerts annually. They have been featured on the cover of Strings magazine, the premiere publication for the neo-classical genre, and their latest albums received critical acclaim from such publications as CCM Magazine , The Tennessean, The Dallas Morning News, Christianity Today, and Music Row Magazine . Currently, the Band is preparing for the release of their newest album, produced by the legendary Michael Omartian.

The Annie Moses Band is a family. Annie Wolaver, the lead violinist and vocalist, has graced the stages of symphony orchestras across the United States, while her brother Alex, the group's violist, has performed on Good Morning America with Charlotte Church and was handpicked to participate in a quartet personally coached by Itzhak Perlman. Their parents and the Band's primary songsmiths, Bill and Robin Wolaver, have been writing for twenty-five years, and have won awards by ASCAP and Nashville Songwriters Association. Joining these talents are Benjamin, the group's cellist, Camille, the Band's harpist and keyboard player, Gretchen, on the mandolin and violin, and cameo appearances by Jeremiah, who plays the banjo and guitar. In addition to the Wolavers, the Band enjoys the musical contribution of Javier Santiago on drums, percussion and Mario Sangermano on bass.

Together, they are leading an artistic renaissance through musical excellence, strength of family, and a message of faith, inspiring all generations to join in the discipline, beauty, and excitement of highly skilled musicianship. .