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There are at least 19 acts with this name:

1. Atlas - 'The two Leeds producers that make up Atlas, Rem Sutton and Luke Fantom, are night owls themselves, making a sort of downtempo garage aided by vocalist Emily Harris' smooth vocals. They've been slowly perfecting this haunted slow-jam formula since their Cities EP’
XLR8R (Facebook).

2. Atlas (renamed to Half Sight) are A Melodic Hardcore outfit from Leeds, UK. EST 2010
Facebook, Band Camp, Tumblr, Twitter

3. Atlas - A Melodic Hardcore/Metal from Newmarket/Markham, Ontario, Canada Formed In: 2011 - 2012. Facebook; Band Lineup: Brad Small, Zakk Patel, Chris Brant, Zach Griese, Dillon Forret

4. Atlas - an experimental/rock band from Newark/Wilmington, consisting of Ryan Conaty on vocals and guitar, Daniel Westiner on guitar and synthesizers, Michael Nigro on synthesizer and theremin, and David Skillman on drums. Their first EP "Glaciers" was released in 2008. They released a split 12" EP with fellow-Delaware My Friends in 2011. &

5. Atlas - A Bulgarian rock band formed in 1985, which produced the hit single "Kukla"

6. Atlas - A producer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

7. Atlas - a symphonic rock band from Sweden. Their only album "Blå Vardag" was released in 1979.

8. ATLAS - A Japanese project consisting of 川村栄二, 難波弘之 and 今泉敏郎.

9. Atlas - A boyband from Germany:

10. Atlas - A crossover/psychadelic hardcore band from Raleigh, NC:

11. Atlas - A Belgian experimental post-hardcore band from 'de kempen' BE working on their debut album

12. Atlas - Spanish hard rock band formed in 2008.

13. Atlas - A hip-hop duo from California.

14. Atlas - An Albuquerque, NM based metalcore band.

15. Atlas - An Atmospheric Metal band from Canberra, Australia -

16. Atlas - A 4 piece Stoner/Hard Rock band formed in 2013 from Karlstad, Sweden...released a demo in 2013 available at Bandcamp for Free Download ! Bandcamp, Facebook, Sound Cloud

17. 4. Atlas - an indie-rock band formed in 2005 in Los Angeles, USA, who relocated to Christchurch, New Zealand in 2007. Atlas disbanded in late 2008.

It's not every day that three people from different parts of the world meet and immediately decide to form a band, but if you're talking about New Zealand based band ATLAS, that's exactly what happened.

In April 2005, at the famous Knitting Factory in Los Angeles, New Zealand rocker Ben Campbell and his sister Beth Campbell were introduced to American solo artist Sean Cunningham. The three were introduced by producer Hank Linderman in hopes that they would combine their talents to write songs for their seperate solo careers. Five days later the group decided to form ATLAS.

Also in L.A. at the time playing with the legendary Sting was Ben's former bandmate and future ATLAS lead guitarist Andy Lynch. Now relocated in Auckland, New Zealand, ATLAS have proven their worth with their gripping first single "Is This Real" topping the rock radio charts. Written by Ben and Sean, the song is a gritty, honest account of finding yourself. "It’s a song about growing up, about not having a real structure in life," Ben explains, "looking for reasons to get up and do things." The track, which has brought the band much attention in the music industry, was recorded in Christchurch by Elements Music and mixed at Neil Finn’s studio in Auckland.
Now with a hit single under their belts, ATLAS are releasing their second song "Crawl" to radio and TV. "For me 'Crawl' is about not wanting to conform to the majority, and wanting to figure life out for yourself" say's Sean. "It's also a song which has helped to define us sonically, finding where our sound sits". The group have been working hard on that sound, combining their varying tastes in music to come up with their unique rock sound.

“We’ve written most of songs based on three acoustic guitars and three vocal parts,” says Beth. “It’s all built around harmonies, melodies and hooks.” Atlas released their debut album "Reasons For Voyaging" in November 2007.

18. ATLAS - A team of composers/sound designers, Jonathan Mayer, Alexandros Nikolaidis, Alexander David Norman and Mathieu Hallouin. Genre: Trailer Music / Epic / Cinematic / Dramatic / Orchestral / Classical / Hybrid. Launched in 2014.

19. Atlas (FKA atlas.) - An 18- year-old rapper, producer and singer based in Terre Haute, Indiana. .

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