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About Baroque

There are more than one band that goes by the name Baroque:

1. japanese rock band
2. DJ from Tokyo
3. Toronto Metal Band
4. druids from italy

1) baroque (Originally known as バロック) is a Japanese rock band, formed in 2001.

The band formed when the guitarist Akira (晃) (from Shiver) and bassist Bansaku (万作) (from After effect) invited Ryo (怜) (the vocalist of kannivalism) to their new band. Kei (圭) (the guitarist of kannivalism) also joined with Ryo. That time baroque also had a drummer named Naru (ナル).

baroque debuted in July 2001 and went major rather quickly doing their first one-man in August 2001.

Upon forming, baroque retained a sort of visual kei image, but they lacked the "darker," more goth aspect visual kei usually presented. Because of this, baroque are considered to be the founders of oshare kei - the happier, more fashion-conscious side of the visual scene in Japan. In their later days as a band, baroque rid themselves of this visual style and opted for more casual, everyday clothing instead.

In April 2002, Naru left the band and new drummer Yuji (祐二) replaced his place in June 2002. But in May 2003, Yuji also left the band.

baroque disbanded in September 11, 2004. This happened ten days after releasing their first album: "sug life". It is said that reason for their disbanding were Bansaku's doubts towards his bass skills, so because of this he wanted to leave the band. The other members, unable to see their band going on without their friend, also decided to end the band.

After the disbandment, Ryo and Kei continued with their other band kannivalism. In late 2008 Akira and Bansaku joined a new band, named boogieman.

In summer 2011, the members of baroque revealed that they were giving a free concert on July 17, 2011 at Yokohama Red Brick. Later on, they revealed that they were taking up activites and announced the release of three new singles ("凛然アイデンティティ" (Rinzen Identity) "teeny-tiny star" and "モノドラマ" (Monodrama)) that was scheduled to be released on January 4, 2012. The three singles were sold seperately, but also in a Limited Edition box set.


2) Baroque is a DJ and producer hailing from Tokyo, Japan. Coming from bass guitar, he used to play for 80kidz’s live sets and performed in the biggest Japanese halls and festivals like during Countdown Japan and Fuji Rock Festival. He did released tracks and remixes on Boxon Records, Dga Fau, an Album on KSR Japan and his music has been featured on some Japanese movies like the movie adaptation of Ushijima the Loan Shark for example. He just signed his last EP, Noisescape, on Den Haku Records and did receive heavy support from foreign media (DJ Mag,, Omgitm...) and DJs (Mustard Pimp, Taku Takahashi, Ill Saint M, LaTourette, DJ Mykal, Naeleck, Clash The Disko Kids...).

3) Baroque is a four piece Toronto based metal band influenced by all genres of music. Their writing style can be summed up in one word: Evolution.

Within one year they have become a prolific writing force and are gaining popularity with each live performance. Despite their minimal exposure they play together like seasoned pros and perform like they were born on the stage.

The band's debut album, REBORN, matches melody with power and aggression with ambiance. Their lyrics paint pictures and the hard-hitting musicianship forces you out of your seat.

The four members of the band are solely dedicated to this project. Each living and breathing just to create and play their part. The project has been entirely self-financed; again proving their dedication.

With the understanding that they only require a two song demo, they opted instead to record eight full songs, much to the pleasure of their many fans. This album is sure to pay for itself with plenty to spare.

The only foreseeable problem is finding an act to stand on the stage after they have left it.

4) BAROQUE formed magically in 2003 from the myst of italian north-western hills and mountains. They were sent back in the past from a future druids civilization in order to warn people of the Last Era about the coming crash-down, to prepare them through music to be courageous and to provide some extra toilette paper for the scariest day to come.

They turned upside-down the musical scene of Turin (Italy), been insulted and rejected by the filo-80s' minimal scene, and raised their volume.

Their first concept-album "La Fiaba della BuonaNotte" (Musea) is a prologue, an onirycal travel throughout mankind's reflection and allegories.

They performed with Nick Cave, Primal Scream, Blonde Redhead and italians Africa Unite, Ministri, Fratelli Calafuria and Meganoidi. .