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About Chocolate

There are at least 4 bands or artists named Chocolate:
1. a Cuban trumpeter
2. a UK punk/hardcore band, formed 1993
3. a Korean string ensemble
4. a Peruvian percussionist
+ 3 more called Chocolat
1. Alfredo "Chocolate" Armenteros (4 April 1928 – 6 January 2016) was a Cuban trumpeter. He played with artists such as Arsenio Rodríguez, Generoso Jiménez, Chico O'Farrill, Orchestra Harlow, Eddie Palmieri and Cachao. Due to his characteristic approach to Afro-Cuban trumpet playing as well as his extensive recording career, several monographs have been written on his music.
Armenteros was born in Santa Clara, Las Villas Province, Cuba. He first began playing in a band led by the sonero/composer René Álvarez called Conjunto Los Astros and soon after with Arsenio Rodríguez. The nickname "Chocolate" was bestowed on him owing to a case of mistaken identity, when someone took him for Kid Chocolate, the champion boxer. After the Cuban Revolution, Armenteros moved to New York, where he lived until his death.
Armenteros went on to play with José Fajardo, Beny Moré, Tito Puente, César Concepción, Machito, Wynton Marsalis, Eddie Palmieri, Marcelino Guerra, Charlie Palmieri, John Santos, Israel "Cachao" López, Noro Morales, Johnny Pacheco, and many others. He was a member of La Sonora Matancera from 1977 to 1980. He died of prostate cancer on 6 January 2016.

2. The UK punk/hardcore band, Chocolate, was formed in the summer of 1993 by Ed Wenn (guitar & vocals), Wolfie Retard (bass) & John Ruscoe (drums & vocals). Bored of playing “adult” music in their other bands, they had decided to spice things up a bit and re-visit their punk roots. After a few UK gigs the mini-album - Substitute For Sex - was recorded and released through UK label, Dirter Promotions in October 1993 and, with the addition Brian Running on vocals & stupid dances, the band toured Europe with The Dambuilders from Boston, USA. Upon returning to the UK, Brian left the band and was replaced by a new frontman, “Sizeable” Simon Finbow, from Ipswich-based Optimum Wound Profile).

A chance meeting in 1995 led to the band joining Russell Aldrich's new UK hardcore label, Out Of Step Records, where they stayed for the rest of their career. The first release on Out Of Step was the thrashy Dead Skin 7" EP in May 1995 which was quickly followed in October of that year by the Blue Streak single (released on 7" and CDS). The release of the band’s first full-length album was held up for several months due to a sample-clearing dispute with Rage Against The Machine, so the band recorded the 12 track 7" single, Slow & Low, which was released on March 26th 1996. Five of the tracks from Slow & Low were also included on the Metallurgy compilation CD released by Volume Magazine. Before the end of 1996 - almost a year later than planned - the debut album, Hung, Gifted & Slack, was finally released on LP and CD.

By the time the album had been released Wolfie & Simon had left the band as Ed decided to change direction and move Chocolate from the extreme thrash of Slow & Low, to something influenced more by bands like Naked Raygun & Jones Very.

With the new approach came 2 new faces: Clive Watling (formerly of Elmerhassel) took over lead vocal and rhythm guitar duties whilst John’s brother, Andrew Ruscoe, joined to bass guitar. This line-up entered the studio in July 1996 to record the, Sale Copy Only - Not For Review 7" EP which was released on 6th December 1996. Following the release of Sale Copy Only - Not For Review, drummer John Ruscoe quit the band to pursue his first love and play guitar in new London band, Mover . At around this time the band's record label, Out of Step was taken over by Epitaph Europe. Plans for the label to stay active faded quickly as owner, Russell Aldrich, was asked to commit to working for Epitaph full time in Amsterdam.

Two more recording sessions and several line-up changes during 1997 and 1998 produced enough material for a second album which was scheduled for released on UK label, Boss Tuneage, but Ed was spending more time in London and finally called time on Chocolate in 1999 when he moved to London and started K-Line, leaving the final Chocolate album unreleased.
3. the Korean string ensemble: also see Chocolate - String Ensemble
Chocolate is a Korean string ensemble releasing albums since 2005.

album1 (2005)
Chocolate2 (2006)
Dancing Chocolate (2007)
With Jazz (2007)
White chocolate (2008)
Christmas Party (2009)
4. (choco-lah-tay) Peruvian percussionist Julio "Chocolate" Algendones Farfán Julio Chocolate Algendones
(b. Peru , 1934 - † 26 de julio de 2004 ) fue a Destacado percusionista , composer and interpreter of the Peruvian music Afro -Peruvian y of jazz . Considerado fue el gran maestro of Cajon y reconocido internacionalmente.
(see the wiki entry for more, but I couldn't get it to translate)
album : .