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About Acoustic Eidolon

Acoustic Eidolon was founded in April 1998 by Joe Scott and Hannah Alkire.

Acoustic Eidolon's recordings are a rich blend of both artists' musical influences and have been described as pure musical poetry. The bell-like quality of Joe's unique double-neck guitjo provides a lovely counterpoint to Hannah's elegantly inspired cello. Their live shows are very entertaining and include a few vocal selections, as well as pieces that borrow from Celtic, contemporary, bluegrass and Latin influences.

The duo first played together in February of 1998 when they found themselves between full-time musical engagements. Joe called Hannah, saying he'd always wanted to hear their two instruments together. They thought there was such a magical timbre to their combined sounds that they agreed then and there to clear out their schedules and start rehearsing together.

On October 14, 2001, what had started as a musical/business partnership and friendship blossomed into their marriage. Acoustic Eidolon was off and running, and Hannah and Joe (along with sons Zach and Alex) became a family. .