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About Adrian Johnston

Born and raised in a small farming village in Carlisle, Cumbra England, Adrian Johnston started playing piano early on and enjoyed improvising and writing his own music. Dabbling in pop music, he played drums for Mike Scott's band "Another Pretty Face", which led to "The Waterboys" and the novelty easy listening group The Mike Flowers Pop, ultimately recording and producing the 1995 Christmas hit "Wonderwall."

In 1996, Adrian caught the ear of director Michael Winterbottom while playing the phonofiddle (a one-stringed instrument with a gramophone horn protruding) on the set of "Jude." This lead to a five-film collaboration including the highly acclaimed features "Welcome To Sarajevo," "With Or Without You" and "I Want You." Other notable credits include "Some Voices," "The House Of Mirth" and "Me Without You."

Adrian's television work is a complete mix of styles and genre. From the horrific events depicted in "Sunday" to the lesbian costume romp "Tipping The Velvet" to the action/adventure mini-series Shackleton, Adrian's work has covered the gamut of the human condition.

Adrian also has over 60 silent films to his credit and completely enjoys performing his music live to picture. Some of the films he has been asked to re-score include "La Terre" from 1921 and "Hot Water" from 1924 starring Harold Lloyd. This past spring, Adrian new score to "Earth," premiered at the Pacific Film Archive in San Francisco, California.

In addition to his gold album for "Wonderwall," Adrian has received a BAFTA Nomination for "Our Mutual Friend," two Prix Italia Awards and an Emmy Of The Performing Arts. .