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About Amelia White

Critically acclaimed songwriter Amelia White’s long awaited fourth album, Motorcycle Dream, has arrived. The album contrasts the pretty but gritty urgency of White’s honest unaffected vocals and core band with lush vibrating guitars and keys that match the melodic beauty of her songs. The songs are lyrically cinematic, and have a strong theme of wanderlust and flight from earthly troubles. Within this, White explores addiction, political and personal bullies, her dog’s near death experience, stranger’s broken hearts, and new love.

The Production approach was to lay down vocals, guitar, and drums live, capturing the raw bond between herself and drummer Marco Giovino. (John Cale, Glen Tilbrook) Next was to add a select group of White’s favorite talents – most notably John Jackson (Dylan, Shelby Lynn) and Russell Chudnofsky (Lori Mckenna) on guitar, Molly Bancroft (Lift, Gabriel and Dresden) and Neilson Hubbard (Strays Don’t Sleep, Kim Richey) on keys and vocals. Paul Slivka (Matthew Ryan) added some vibey bass last minute, Molly Thomas (Todd Snider) laid down sweet violin, and Jon Byrd (Byrd’s Auto Parts) joined in on a killer duet. (Morning Song, track 11.) Megan McCormick, Mack Starks, Garrison Starr, Leslie Mills, and Eamon McLoughlin created additional lushness and beauty. The work was done in East Nashville at Mr. Lemon’s (Neilson Hubbard’s humble back yard shed studio) in two batches: six songs in March of 2007 and seven songs in Feb. of 2008. The recording process was fast.

“We wanted more of a live raw sound than my last record, Black Doves” says White…..
“The year long break was not calculated but a break nonetheless from lack of funds.
Finally, bit-by-bit I found the money to finish. I write music because I have to, while trying my best to immerse myself in it full time and just say a prayer the money follows.”

So far so good since her split with Funzalo Records who own and promote Black Doves. Funding has come, often just in the knick of time- from private investors and friends who absolutely need the music as much as Amelia needs to write it.
White is a prolific writer who works mostly alone but also co-writes with country and pop writers. For the first time her current album features three co-written tracks, Lori McKenna/Lorne Entress (track 4), Phil Madeira (track 10), and Bill Lloyd (track 9); adding a touch of diversity to White’s dense cinematic stylings.

“I’d say the theme of flight and escape has much to do with the fact that I’ve been on the road mostly solo 150-180 dates a year for the past three years. All that motion releases you from reality, and the human ache. So many images fly by: little towns, strange dive bars, weird and also big-hearted people. You get a really good glimpse into people’s lives when you travel through as a songwriter. They know you are leaving the next day so they often drink a lot and spill their guts. The songs mix my own tales with others, and not in a logical or linear way. One sentence might have some of my own heart ache mixed with the story of a stranger I spent an hour talking to in a bar.”

Please enjoy Motorcycle Dream, we recommend cranking it up loud while en route to the ocean, your lover’s apartment, or flying thru the air on a plane. It is especially suited for those in motion. We would like to hear how you feel about it or any ideas you have, as we are seeking the right team and home for this well crafted and darkly emotional gem.

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