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About Brandon Rhyder

Many people have come to know Brandon Rhyderʼs name and music over the last few
years.  Regionally heʼs definitely a staple of the Texas scene, but Brandon is different.
When you hear the voice you know itʼs unmistakably him. When he comes out with a
new single you never know what youʼre going to get.  Brandon Rhyder loves to take you
to the top, then jerk the rug out from under you and start the process all over again.  
Brandon Rhyder doesnʼt write for a genre, but rather for the inspiration he receives.  

ʻI take pride in the songs that I write and want to be able to sing many of them for years
to come.  I still have a lot to learn and as life presents itself, Iʼll continue to strive to get
better,ʼ says Brandon.
Brandonʼs unerring dedication continues with the release of the Don Williamʼs cover,
“Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good,” to radio earlier this year. The song struck a chord with
audiences and climbed the charts quickly, hitting No.1 on the Texas Regional Radio
Report and maintaining its position in the Top 5 for over 9 weeks on the Texas Music
Chart. The single will be featured as a bonus studio track on Brandonʼs upcoming Live at
Billy Bobʼs Texas album, scheduled for release in late summer.
Brandon made an effort to appreciate every second of the recording experience at the
historic honky tonk. ʻIt was an achievement to have had this opportunity, and we made it
a night that none of us will ever forget,ʼ he says.
Brandon Rhyderʼs live recording at Billy Bobʼs Texas follows the success of his last
album, Head Above Water. Produced by longtime friend and mentor, Walt Wilkins, Head
Above Water is Brandonʼs sixth full-length album and is the follow-up to Every Night. He
will tell you up front that this record was a special project, one that lacked any stress in
respect to the recording of it. ʻYou put this band, this producer, this engineer, and the
passion of each song together…you have magic!ʼ

by Lynne Margolis .