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About Anna

There are several artists called Anna:
1) Anna Santos (Spanish/Japanese) of Latin band BON-BON BLANCO, who solos as "Anna"
2) German pop band (written "AnnA")
3) 90's Rock band from Croydon, England
4) Techno Project ("Schneewittchen EP")
5) Swiss rap artist (Debut: "Still Young", 2006, muve/Musikvertrieb)
6) Ukrainian nu-metal band.
7) Brazilian tech house and techno producer (written "ANNA")

1) Anna Santos is the vocalist of Latin band BON-BON BLANCO. She releases her solo work under just "Anna". Anna's father is Spanish American, and her mother is half Japanese. She used to be dual citizenship, but she chose to carry on her American citizenship when she became 18. However, she cannot speak English. Currently, she takes Career Design in Hosei University.

3) Anna were a four piece Rock Band from Croydon, England. The band consisted of four members: Pete Uglow, guitar / vocals; Darren Lynch, guitar ; Philip Lynch, bass guitar ; Cormac, drums / percussion / b. vox.

London, 1989: The "Electric MotherFucker Brothers" play their first gig at the Gun Tavern, Croydon - Philip and Daren had their heads shaved, Crom went mad and Pete wore pink, The press hated it.

Playing loud guitar music in the midst of the industry's love affair with baggy beats and floppy fringes, EMB continued to build their audience ...

In 1990 the band changed their name to ANNA.

With the name Anna, things started to happen, people started paying attention. And when they weren't they were joining in a weird variation on stagediving, the Croydon Pile.

Now legendary, the pile was a tribute to Anna and the two-inch high stage at the Rose & Crown in Croydon. Once your average stagediver had launched offstage is was difficult to do much more than lie on the floor and wait for more bodies to join the ruck. Anna once had to stop playing in the middle of their epic 'Masonic Youth' when the pile reached critical height and no-one could see them any more.

Banned from the Rose, the Pile still followed them from gig to gig, getting ever bigger, and getting Anna banned from ever more venues.

Their debut single 'Masonic Youth', though recorded in summer '91, was finally released through Go! Discs in May '92. Their Debut album 101ism was released through Free Records in Oct '93.

4) Anna is Boris Brejcha. One such revolutionary elements and surprise that occasionally appear (luckily) in the arena of electronic dance music. With a sound personal super blunt and direct, get to collect the best of each house. After his great maxis in harthouse and autist and his fantastic album recently released on the label of frankfurt "Die Maschinen Kontrollieren Uns" regular reaches under his pseudonym anna to make a lot of noise black is dynamic, aggressive, and extremely direct,breaking the dance floor!. Green combines the speed and forcefulness of the groove that boris has accustomed us, but with a happy ending. Melody and deep united forever..

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