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About Anomalie

There are three bands/acts that share the name ''Anomalie'', of which only two are still active.

1.ANOMALIE is a classically trained and highly versatile keyboardist and producer based in the beautiful city of Montreal. He makes music infused with a combination of classical music, jazz, hip hop, funk, fusion and various electronic elements - sounds hectic but Anomalie pulls it off seamlessly as evidenced on his Lowtemp debut single Odyssée.

2.ANOMALIE was a hardcore/ emo/ screamo band from Duesseldorf in the west of Germany. They released a demo tape (2000), a selftitled vinyl lp (2002) and a second album called "Zurueck zum Singular" (PXF Records, 2006). The band split up in november 2007.

3.ANOMALIE - Experimental Post Black Metal project of Marrok (Harakiri for the Sky, Selbstentleibung,...)
In 2011 Marrok founded ANOMALIE to combine his favourite elements of emotional Black Metal, Post Metal and Depressive Rock which results in his own uncomparable vision of profound and honest music... .