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About Anything Box

Anything Box is an electronica/synthpop musical group based in Los Angeles. It is made of musicians Claude S., Dania Morales, and Paul Rijnders. They are known primarily for their 1990 hit song "Living in Oblivion" from the popular album 'Peace', which was released through Epic Records.

After acrimonious fighting with that label and changing music times, the group broke off and has since released multiple independent albums to a devoted following of synthpop fans. They've also incorporated more industrial and techno influences. 1990's 'Peace' was notably followed up by 1993's 'Hope'.

As time went on, their music has received some critical acclaim. Their 2001 album 'Worth, which was recorded in 1991 but released later for legal reasons, is named by Allmusic as "one of the most beautifully dark synth-pop albums ever made." The band garnered attention for releasing a free EP entirely in MP3 format in 2003 as well.

Their official site is, which contains several free song downloads. They also have an active MySpace page at

These titles are all available on iTunes digitally as stated, or on CD:
Elektrodelica (iTunes)
Hope V3(iTunes)
Worth V2 (iTunes +
Peace(iTunes + Most Retail Stores)
Recovered 1993-1995 (iTunes +
The Universe Is Expanding (iTunes)
The Effects of Stereo TV (iTunes +
100% Air-Friendly Groove Pak (iTunes +
The Diary 'Page One'(iTunes)
The Diary 'Separate'(iTunes + .

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