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About Basta

There are several bands called Basta; please don't mix them up with Баста:

1) Basta was an obscure first wave punk band from Belgium. They released one 7" in 1977 entitled Abortus Vrij and are featured on Volume 24 of the Killed by Death compilation series.

2) Basta are Renè Overmann, Werner Adelmann, William Wahl, Andreas Hardegen, Thomas Aydintan.

This a capella band, originated in Cologne, but not as boringly fixed to it as others are, is a well known life act in Germany boasting a terrific mixture of great voices and brilliantly funny lyrics. A must.

3) Basta was an experimental post-punk five-piece band from Rīga, Latvia formed in January 2008. The part of last lineup members nowadays plays in 1/2H 1/2W, No Skan, Varat, and Vonko.

Band have played several shows in Latvia and Lithuania area, one of them includes performance with Handsome Furs. In 2009 they recorded their first studio demo record with four tracks.

Band split up in March 2010 after publishing their untitled debut EP record.

The last lineup :

Mārtiņš Kalniņš - vocals, percussions;
Nauris Brūvelis - guitar, back vocals;
Sandris Brūvelis - guitar, back vocals;
Ronalds Vīgants - bass guitar;
Matīss Saulītis - drums.

Former members :

Viesturs Vīgants - keyboards, programming.

4) BaSta! is the performance name used for the solo recordings of Flemish composer and double-bass player Joris Vanvinckenroye. These have multiple overdubbed double-bass parts, so that they sound like a large ensemble of double-bass players. Vanvinckenroye is also a member of Aranis, the Flemish neoclassical chamber rock group.

5) BASta!² is the performance name used for the recordings of Joris Vanvinckenroye with the flutist Jana Arns.

6) Basta is a punk hardcore band from Novi Sad, Serbia.

7) Basta were an Italian oi punk from 80's. .

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