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About Decadence

Decadence can refer to 7 different bands.

1) Decadence (Sweden) Thrash/Melodic Death Metal
2) Decadence (Greece) Neoclassical/Neofolk
3) Decadence (Newberry, South Carolina) Alternative Metal
4) Decadence (Belgium) Thrash Metal
5) Decadence (Spain) Metalcore
6) Decadence (Hungary) Epic/Doom Metal
7) Decadence (Arizona) Metalcore/Screamo

1)Decadence {Sweden}

The band Decadence was founded in Sweden in 2003 and is one of the representatives of the new generation of thrash metal. Like classic thrash, Decadence plays with intensity and speed but add melodic art and technicality to their genre which they call melodic thrash metal.

Melodic thrash metal is like the bridge where thrash and melodic death meet. This genre can be described as thrash metal with the heaviness of melodic death metal without keyboards. An addition of extreme, aggressive female vocals and growl techniques as well as thrash metal screams is added to the mix. The combination of these effects along with the new touch of thrash metal gives a specific sound which is what defines Decadence.

This describes the bands’ overall sound quite well. The keyboards are replaced by harmony lines made by guitar. Decadence music is recommended to people who appreciate bands like Death, Kreator, Testament, Metallica and the like.

The band members are young people born between 1983-1988:

Metallic Kitty (extreme vocals)
Kenneth Lantz (1st guitar)
Simon Galle (2nd guitar)
Joakim Antman (bass)
Erik Röjås (drums)

Decadence has released three full-length albums and one demo as follows:

( 3 ) 3rd Stage of Decay (2006) , 2nd edition (2007) and 3rd edition (2008)
( 2 ) The Creature (2005)
( 1 ) Decadence (2005)
( 0 ) Land of Despair (2003)

2) Decadence {Greece}

Decadence was formed in 1996 as a reaction to the shitty bubblegum of the 90's...after many years of experimenting in various music areas the need to explore and enjoy the darker side of sounds and words was demanding around that era... so naturally the first album which released just a little bit later found so easily it's place in the grey area, the field from industrial to acoustic and experimental to noise and neoclassical.

After the second album a couple of line up changes occurred and unavoidably led Decadence to penetrate deeper and deeper into it's own physical and psychological arena touching the most sensitive chords and sometimes just plain emotional bottom of the pile, resulting in having a more personal and distinguishing approach in music and words.

Still after 12 years and 4 full length albums, limited editions and appearances in various artists compilations everything remains the same... sometimes changing armour but always same wheel.

Now that Decadence has entered it's second life circle has to move on more lively, more passionate...the sky is about to bleed...

Band Interests:
For all of you who one way or another follow Decadence throughout these years I guess will be easy to say that we are not much into feeding this electronic beast with news and 'news', bulletins, more bulletins, even more trash, photos, updates, blah blah blah etc etc.....But due to the fact that we happen to notice some strange rumours around lately- thought these rumours have a theoretically and practically justification - we decide to have an official statement on 'what's going on' and also upload a couple of funny harsh mixed new demo songs, just as a very very little teaser.Decadence will not collaborate with Cold Meat Industry for "Near Heaven" album. Naturally we feel appreciation, honour, respect and love for Cold Meat industry, it's stuff and personally for Roger K. himself. On this upcoming album we will work with our long time friend Emil who is a wonderful and well established artist on his field and runs Corvus records with love and attitude. We felt we wanted to focus on the 'artistic' side more than 'meat loafed' business mass productivity...That's why it takes us as such a long time, that's why we feel so happy working (even slowly in terms) like now...Some of the definite track titles are: ‘Bullet in the head’, 'Running away', ‘The boy and the girl’, ‘I’m not a man’, 'Broken hearts', 'Here is wonderland'...We are still heading in releasing it by 2008 in a normal edition and a limited first version in a deluxe very special package with extras Corvus records will also take over the re-release of "Something to love, something to spend" album and official merchandise like t.shirts and so on will be available in time.Wish you all to have strength and faith. God bless you

- Vinyl, LP, Limited Ed. "A Beheaded Winner And Fragrances Of Happiness" CAPP
- "Leftovers From Another Summer" CAPP
- "Romance Lover Boy" Hau Ruck
- Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition "Something To Love Something To Spend" Hau Ruck
- CD, "Where Do Broken Hearts Go?" Cold Meat

Band Members

Anna Elizabeth Spencer : Vocals
Petros Sgr : Music and Self destruction

3) Decadence is a alt. metal from USA.

4) Decadence is a thrash metal band from Belgium formed in 1988
They made one album: "Gangs & Victims" in 1989

5) An old boston hardcore band, featured eg. on the mythic This is Boston not LA compilation, among The FU's, Gang green, etc.

6) Decadence is an Epic/Doom metal band from Hungary. They have so far released an EP called "Somewhere in the Night" in 2004 and a full length album called "When Angels Fall" in 2006.

7) Decadence was a political metalcore/ PV/ screamo band from Flagstaff, Arizona, active in the mid-late 90's. .