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About Outburst

There are four bands called Outburst. 1) a New York hardcore band. 2) a United Kingdom Stoner/Doom/Metal band 3) a Dutch Thrash Metal band. 4) a French Thrash Metal band.

1) Outburst was an Astoria, Queens based New York Hardcore band, founded in the mid 80's. They grew to popularity after a well received demo and tracks on Blackout! Records' "Where The Wild Things Are.." Compilation. The band also recorded and released one EP, entitled "Miles To Go" for Blackout! in 1989, soon after the band broke up and all the members went their merry way. Amidst all the reunion flurry, Outburst played some reunion shows at CBGB in 2006.

2) Formed in the early 90's from the remains of a few local Midlands bands Outburst began. Early material went unrecorded as the band tried to find it's feet and a musical style that represented each member. Initially a 4 piece (drums, bass, guitar, vocals) they added a second guitarist around 1995, then went back to a 4 piece when their original guitarist had to leave due to ill health a couple of years later. This spurred Outburst on to embrace the fledgling Stoner/Desert rock scene that was filtering out of the USA at the time and the following years saw Outburst adapting this style with their own influences. They recorded their first demo in 2002 and went on to self record a full length album the following year. In 2004 they professionally recorded the "Your Move Creep" album. The next 3 years saw annual EP releases (100 Tonnes Of Stone, Cleric, Outburst) along with 4 compilation album appearances (Heaviosity on Gallipoli Records, a downloadable compilation in association with Stonerrock.com, the Ninehertz Compilation Vol. 2 from www.ninehertz.co.uk and finally the Sounds Of The Catacombs compilation on Catacomb Records). 2008 saw a brief hiatus for the band in the second half of the year and 2009 sees them back writing for a summer EP release of all new material. See www.last.fm/music/Outburst+UK

3) When in 1998 Jos van den Brand, Serge Smolders and Michel Meeuwiseen decided to move on, following the break-up of Acrostichon, they set for them selves a musical goal that nowadays is quite popular; mixing melodic thrash metal with death metal and Gothenburg style melodies. Quickly joined by Tijn and Tjerk, they found themselves ready to take on the challenge. At the end of 1998 Outburst released their first demo cd Symbols Of Brutality. The three tracks presented a rough mixture of styles. But still, their music needed a couple of years to come to its definitive form. With 2000s Time Has Come they were well on their way and received good reviews in Dutch press. After that release Michel Meeuwissen left the band to concentrate on his other band Crustacean. Only a few months after he left, the four remaining guys found a suitable replacement in Arvid Kuipers. In 2001 the new Outburst started to take shape, with all five members going for one common goal; make the best thrash metal there is and gaining popularity on the way. They recorded two songs for a free give away promo at concerts. Roughly 600 were given away. In October Outburst played the Chuck Schuldiner Tribute concert in 013, Tilburg. In early 2002, the first of many good support slots were booked; The Defaced (Sweden) and Tankard (Germany). On June 1st 2002, Outburst got the chance to perform for the largest audience they had ever played for; OZZFEST in Nijmegen, Holland. After that, Outburst toured Holland with Macabre (USA) and Darkane (S) as well as opening up for Arch Enemy (S). Recorded in 2002, early 2003 saw the release of the Overfiend mini cd, which also featured a live video of the Ozzfest performance. It was released just before the No Mercy festival in Holland where Outburst played alongside Death Angel, Nuclear Assault and Testament. More shows were played and just before they went to the USA, they were invited to open for Anthrax in Rotterdam. The Milwaukee Metalfest marked the bands first trip to the USA, with an actual first US show in Chicago. The band started to gain more popularity and it seemed as if Outburst was going to be the regular support act for Bay Area thrash bands that play Holland, as Eindhoven welcomed them as openers for Testament. In 2004 Outburst started working on their first full length album. In between the band only did a couple of shows with Dew Scented and again; Death Angel. In august Outburst entered the Double Noise studio in Tilburg, Holland, to start recording with producer Jochem Jacobs (Textures, Hiding With Girls a.o.). Textures vocalist Eric Kalsbeek came to the studio and recorded some vocals for the track Attack Of The Overfiend. In september, Outburst singer Tjerk recorded guest vocals in Denver, CO for the new Cephalic Carnage album and to return the favour, Cephalic singer Leonard Leal sang on Outbursts What The Eyes See. The new full length album 'Fair And Balanced' will surface on August 28th of 2006.

4) Outburst was formed in 1986 in Marseilles. In the beginning, the band was composed of four musicians, Joël (guitars, music and vocals), Patrick "Manny" (guitars), Olivier (bass) and Denis (drums, music). Outburst is revived from the ashes of Hellfire (previous band). At this period, after many concerts on the regional scenes and other concerts and festivals in France and abroad (for example Switzerland), Outburst acquired experience and fame. At that time, Thrash Metal made its appearance, Slayer and Metallica were hardly known in France, Outburst became precursory on the matter with formations like Agressor and Death Power.

In 1987, the band released the demo "Demoniac Outburst" followed in 1988 by F.T.E.; the original line-up splits in 1989 following Denis' departure. Outburst continued to perform onstage in trio with a new line-up: Joël Guigou (guitars and vocals), Jérôme Casseri (drums) and Arnaud Deprost (bass). Afterwards, Joël and Patrick joined Agressor in 1991, respectively as bassist and guitarist. In 1992, the release of Agressor's LP "Towards Beyond" leaves Outburst in stand-by.

In 2001, Joël takes the initiative to re-form Outburst, joined by Patrick who join them as guitarist once more, then by Renaud, also a bassist of the Marseilles band Unsound and eventually by Franck, drummer of Dagoba. The rehearsals started and the band goes back to basics playing thrash metal. In 2002, Outburst enter the studio to finish their demo since their reunion; it included a new version of HELLFIRE...

In 2003, Release of the four tracks demo "Pure Thrash" Patrick "Manny" leaves the band and three new musicians join in : "Krof" (drums) ex-Catacomb et Kalomny, "Bomber" (vocals) from the band Suspifun and Xavier (lead guitar) ex-Syrinx.

2006: release of the second demo "Thrashback" with the new line-up, after many concerts in Marseilles and the close-by area: "Le Poste à Galène" with Black Bomb A, Festival in "La Fare les Oliviers" with Black Bomb A again, the "WAR FEST" festival (France, Vitrolles) with Force Fed and appearance at the head of the "CHAOS FEST" festival "Espace Julien" (France, Marseilles)... .. In 2OO7 Krof leaves the band in order to dedicate himself completely to IBOGAÏNE and in 2008 J.C (GIGOT) join in.

1987: Demoniac Outburst
1988: FTE
2002: Pure thrash
2006: Thrashback - with 4 news titles - .. - I CAN'T BEAR ANYMORE .. -GUILTY GAME.. -FIRE IN THE SKY .. + one live bonus video clip -HELLFIRE- recorded at the CHAOS FEST 2004 .