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1.Rare were a band in the 1990s from Derry, Northern Ireland.
2. Israeli Band from the late 90's (aka רר)
3. RARE is a pop duo from Sweden.
4.Serbian funk rock bend.
5. RARE Is a hip hop artist from Hungary on the Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel.
6. RARE is a K-pop singer.
7. RareLtd., a United Kingdom-based video game developer founded in 1982.

1. Rare were a band in the 1990s from Derry, Northern Ireland. The line-up consisted of singer Mary Gallagher, Locky Morris, Seán Ó'Néill formerly of The Undertones and That Petrol Emotion and David Whiteside, Morris and Ó'Néill being the main songwriters. Their music was sometimes labeled as trip hop.

Despite some positive reviews in the music press their only notable chart appearance was the single "Something Wild" which reached #57 in the UK Singles Chart in 1996. Rare disbanded soon after the release of their first and only album in 1998.

2. Israeli Band from the late 90's, AKA רר.

3. RARE is a pop duo from Sweden.

4.Serbian funk rock band.
Rare Branislav Radojkovic bass (1977.), Mirko Lukovic vocals (1981.), Nemanja Subotic guitar (1981.), Goran Milosevic drums (1975.) and Branislav Stankovic - keyboards (1984.), with Predrag Milanovic production supervisor (1964.) Band was formed in 1999 and since then has only been involved in working on original pieces, building authentic sound, personal attitude and art expression. Music that we play presents experiences in different people stories, situations, confessions, questions....., as well as in our own. It's not based on any genre, because if you used music to express your feelings leaning on one specific type of music, it would mean that you're indifferent to 99% of things that life's made of, or completely unaware of it. RARE is all about being self-conscious, free and open minded. Art gives you large space for making your opinion count and to be heard by other people in a strong, but totally not pushy way. RARE is music (jazz , funk , core, rock, ethno, groove, drum n bass, grunge, trip hop...). RARE enjoys performing live. We would like to share our truth and compare our experiences with as many people as possible, because maybe some of our moments together may be crucial in helping someone who's trying to find his own way. We feel that we have so much to say to everybody who's willing to listen, learn, or show us something. Hunger for constant progression in mental, musical or any other way, won't go away, therefore everything that we have done until now is only the beginning. RARE will not stop.

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7. It may also be an incorrect artist tag for soundtrack to games by RareLtd., a United Kingdom-based video game developer founded in 1982. .