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About RAW

More Than One Artist called RAW:

1.Experimental Electronic project from Greece. Members: Coti, Giannis Papaioannou, Μάκης Φάρος.
2. Hardcore punk band from Sweden.
3.Old skool jungle/Drum & bass artist
4.Canadian band
5.UK house duo
6. Finnish death metal band
7. a one-man noisecore project from France.
8. A one-hit duo from the Netherlands
9. German Thrash Metal band with some Death Metal, Crust and Hardcore elements.
10. Italian Heavy/Thrash Metal band.
11. Portuguese Thrash Metal band.
12. The rapper Raw from the USA.
13. Alias / side project of drummer Keith LeBlanc. For further information visit http://blancrecords.com/klb.
14. http://rawcru.bandcamp.com/

1. Sounds like a mix between oldschool american hardcore and scandinavian crust/punk. http://www.myspace.com/rawpunks
2. Old skool jungle/drum & bass artist.
3. Band formed in 1995 in Vancouver, Canada, featuring Roger Mowat, Alan Macwaters and Archie Ian. RAW has performed shows in Germany and Poland for audiences as large as 300,000.
4. Yet another alias for Pearn & Bridges.
5. They were formed in Outokumpu and they splited in 2004-2005
6. -
7. Scored one hit with their single Birdfuck
8. RAW was found from jam-sessions of guitarists Mauro and Dirk and drummer Alex in 2006... playing anything from Punk, Hardcore, Thrash and deathmetal. The RAW-style obviously is METAL, with a little Crust, Hardcore but mainly THRASH.
9. Heavy/Thrash Metal band from Roma/Lazio, Italy. Year of creation: 1982;
Status: Split-up; Releases:
- "Get Ready to Rise" (Demo), 1985
- "No Hero for this War" (Demo), 1987
Compilation appearance(s):
"Outbreakers" on Lethal Noise - A Blade Sample Comp. LP 1988 (Amtal Records)
10. Thrash Metal from Seixal/Lisbon, Portugal! Status: Active?; Year of creation: 1999;
Releases: Live at Casa do Marco [Demo], 2000
11. In November 2011, Raw releases "What's Love (feat. Krys Ivory)" produced by The Melody.
12. Self-titled album Raw was released in 1990. Style: Breaks, Electro, Dub. For further information see Discogs http://www.discogs.com/Raw-Raw/master/152039.
13. http://rawcru.bandcamp.com/ .