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About Sinistarr

Causing much commotion and change over the last year has been Detroit, Michigan’s own Sinistarr. Combining the native sounds of Detroit techno, electro and house into his own stew, Sinistarr gained the attention from tastemakers like Fabio early on, who had Sinistarr’s “Leeroy Jenkins” pegged early for the mighty Creative Source. While that didn’t pan out (“Leeroy Jenkins” later ended up on Influence), this did not slow his roll down one bit. Aside from the “Leeroy Jenkins” 12”, he also signed a 12” to Nu Directions (“Anorak” / “Nubienne”), released an EP (“Something’s Working” on Blu Saphir Digital) and dropped a tune called “Recovery” on Deep Soul Music’s Future Without A Past CD compilation. Horizons Music has picked up on his “Lynx Is Playing At My House” lick (with whom he’s recently inked a nice deal with), not to mention a 12” for Creative Source in the future. Aside from the production side of things, he’s also a solid DJ, spinning mixes for a number of podcasts (BBS Bookings, Sonorous Music, etc.) and club dates, and spend time as an A&R for San Diego’s Peer Pressure Recordings, helping get quality producers the world over some much-needed shine. Label heads, promoters and DJs alike should keep an ear to the ground, as this young talent is surely set to turn heads in 2009, and beyond.

Words: khal