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About My Epic

The story that is My Epic has been in the works for several years. The whole process started in 1998 when Aaron, Jesse, and Matt first started playing together in what quickly became their first band, The Right Wing Conspiracy, later known as Shaddai. Through their experiences together, the five boys in Shaddai grew as musicians and as a band, and by the summer of 2004, after playing shows ranging from their home town of Fredericksburg, VA to Cornerstone Festival in Illinois and earning a reputation for their energy as well as their technical ability and songwriting prowess, Shaddai was on the brink of taking over the world. Jesse was about to join the rest of the band in the college world, and with the whole band living close together, good things looked to be just ahead. The momentum of the band was brought to a halt in the later part of the summer with the departure of Jono, and the remaining members of Shaddai were faced with the decision of whether to press on, reform, restart, or retire. They knew that it was time to put Shaddai in the past. They threw the ashes of Shaddai to the wind and looked back on the era with a grin. Within a short amount of time, after very little discussion, Aaron, Jesse, and Matt realized the obvious: they had to keep playing together, but something new was in the air. What began as a dilemma actually became a blessing as the three of them found themselves with a chance to refine their focus and take their music in a more adventurous direction. Jono stuck around as the band's closest friend and applied his savvy of all things business to the task of managing the band.

_____It was easy enough to realize the opportunity to begin something new, but the band still needed to complete their lineup with a bass player. Over the remainder of the summer, the as yet unnamed band were working hard to put their heads together, and there was very quick agreement that their school friend Jeremiah would be just the person for the job. As Aaron tells it, the band was thinking of the people they knew, and "the whole time, Jeremiah was just the only person we could think about." They returned to school to find that Jeremiah had moved into the dorm in the room next to Jesse's, and this turn of events was too big to be coincidence. The fit was too natural not to be perfect, and in September of 2004, there were four members of the band with a common vision and a passion waiting to be released. By February, the band was ready to play their first show, which ended up being a very successful and impressive debut in front of a few hundred receptive and enthusiastic audience members. My Epic spent a few days in March of 2005 recording a two-song teaser with their good friend and producer extraordinaire Andrew Prousalis. With the band out of the blocks and off at full speed, it's just a matter of time before their momentum carries them to the attention of anyone with their ear to the ground. .

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