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About Hapa

Barry Flanagan and Keli'i Ho'omalu Kaneali'i combine to form a lush and harmonic fresh new approach to Hawaiian music. They add the modern touches to the traditional Hawaiian music and have received several awards internationally. "HAPA" is pidgin for "half"--Barry Flannagan is not Hawaiian and Keli'i Ho'omalu Kaneali'i is. In the past they have teamed up with such greats as Steven Stills. Their first album was the top selling Hawaiian music album in the history of Hawaiian music. The music is clearly Hawaiian, but to the casual listener is more standard "American Folk" sounding, and touches on the mellow sounds of the 50's such as the Kingston Trio and Simon & Garfunkel generated, although much richer and filled with lush base, and keyboards. There are six albums to date. Releases include Mountain Apple Company and Finn record labels.

These artists redefine Hawaiian Music, and to omit listening to it based on a preconceived idea of what is Hawaiian is to miss a rich and vibrant new sound. Overall the tone is upbeat, and the mood celebratory/loving, and fun. .

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