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About Actual Proof

There is more than one artist that shares the name Actual Proof. The first is a hip hop
duo from Raleigh NC and the second a jazz-funk, jazz-fusion band from Charlotte NC.

1. Actual Proof Is a hip hop duo from Raleigh, NC., signed to 9th Wonder’s Jamla Records imprint. Originally founded by producers Amp and Sundown as a production team- a crew of beatmakers who did it for the love of the music. later joined by Amp’s younger brother and emcee, Enigma, Actual Proof is North Carolina’s latest, fueled-up team of hip-hop heralds. Amp later became apart of 9th Wonders 'Soul Council' collective, leaving Act Proof with Sundown & Enigma as the remaining members.

"We combine musical genres of hip hop, soul, R&B, and jazz into our own unique style," says Amp. His sound is an epic one- he masterfully mixes the simple drama of all the genres that the Actual Proof sound is influenced by.

Enigma, Amp’s younger brother, was a student at N.C. Central University and all three would visit 9th Wonder's Hip Hop in Context course on Tuesdays and Thursdays. During a conversation after class, 9th found out they were major Talib Kweli fans and invited them to a free Kweli show in Brooklyn. “If y’all can get there, y’all can roll,” 9th told them.

Sundown described the experience as “surreal.” “We stood up in bassline studios, met Kweli, Buckshot, the staff at Duck Down, Marco Polo, Young Guru...” He says of 9th, “He was our hero. Right before we met him, me and Amp were like, let's stop making beats,” which would have proved to be the last thing that they should've done.

Actual Proof went on to rock the stage with artists like Big Daddy Kane and Nice & Smooth, and they plan to keep rocking stages, record stores, and the internet with their distinct brand of hip hop style.


2. Actual Proof is also a jazz fusion group from Charlotte, North Carolina. Actual Proof incorporates many different styles in their music, including bebop, funk, and blues. They are notable for their heavy use of the vibraphone. Actual Proof is: Eric Mullis, vibraphones; Scott Brower, drums; Philip Berkley, bass; Silas Aldrige, keys; and Jeremy Gamba, guitar.

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