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About Crunchy Black

Crunchy Black also known as CB, Crunch or Crunchy Mane real name Darnell Carlton (born August 1974 in Indiana) is an American rapper and dancer from Memphis, Tennessee, best known for being a member of the Oscar-winning hip hop group Three 6 Mafia from the group's founding until 2006. Crunchy is known for his dancing "G-Walking", which he says he started doing at Club Memphis. He is not the originator of this dance, but he excelled at it and considers himself a pioneer of the style.

According to an article in Ozone Magazine, Crunchy Black said that half of the songs used for Three 6 Mafia's last album Most Known Unknown were originally for his album and he was not getting paid for it. He stated that he had to pay for his own travel and hotel expenses, he was not allowed to go into business meetings with his lawyer, and that Three Six Mafia was behind shady business practices with his money.

Crunchy Black's debut solo album from Three 6 Mafia entitled On My Own was released on September 19, 2006. Crunchy said this was not his album. Crunchy's second solo album From Me To U was put out without his permission by DJ Paul Of Three 6 Mafia & Juicy J. Crunchy Black hopes to talk to Juicy J & DJ Paul about the issue that occurred in 2006 and resolve the issue. For now Crunchy has begun working with his own record label HardHitten Entertainment and other rap groups such as Prophet Posse and Da Volunteers.

In 2010, he released four music videos through Youtube: "U Say U From the Hood", "Im a Animal feat. Foolish P, "Road Dog", and "Yea I Rob". .