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About Cryptic Wisdom

Cryptic Wisdom is like the ecstasy-induced rock orgy sexchild of Linkin Park, Tech N9ne, and Nirvana. His mantra, "FUCK BRANDING, MAKE MUSIC", reflects his belief in being yourself and seeing no boundaries when it comes to musical genre. From hip hop, to grunge, to pop rock, to electronic music, there seems to be no limitations to his style. An undefinable anomaly with a tendency to rattle brains and tear the walls down on any box you may want to try to put him in, Cryptic Wisdom is poised to.... [insert cliche bullshit found in every artist's bio on the interwebzz]... No, Fuck all that shit!!! Cryptic Wisdom is poised to give the proverbial "shocker" to the music industry.... that's right... the shocker... slowly... in and out.... over and over. Fuck Branding, Make Music. Tell your mom. .