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About Dash

1) dAsh is a five member hungarian metal band, which exist in the current lineup since 2013. Their music could be described as a mixture of progressive/fusion metal - hardcore screaming and heavy riffs with funky, latin etc. elements. Style of dAsh is balancing between hard-to-understand instrumental solutions and catchy vocals.

2) Dash or Da-sh (Iran) is an Iranian rock band. Dash was Founded in Nov. 2002 by Maanie and Milad, who were later joined by Babak and Siavash. They started their career as a cover band with songs from different alternative rock bands. They had a few private gigs and had a couple of gigs at the University of Tehran. The band later started to write their own songs, and recorded an album called "Si" in 2008. They were also the subject of a documentary called From Tehran's Underground to Osnabruck.

3) Dash (Great Britain) is a Bristish hip-hop artist, well known for his track "Test Of a Man" used in the soundtrack of the movie "Green Street Hooligans".
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4) Dash (currently at -SCP- Records!) is a rapper/hip-hop producer from Russia. .