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About Dos

There are at least three artists which use this name
1. A rock duo featuring Mike Watt and Kira Roessler
2. A Japanese R&B trio.
3. A musical project of Thomas Prioli and Carloliva
4. Chiptune artist Luke Schmitz

1. Dos (from the Spanish for "two") is an American punk group composed of Mike Watt and Kira Roessler, who both sing and play bass guitar.

Both performers have substantial experience in pioneering punk groups: Watt has been a member of The Reactionaries, Minutemen, fIREHOSE, Banyan and the reunited lineup of The Stooges, while Roessler was in Black Flag for about two years. The band has issued four albums, "Dos" (1986), "Numero Dos" (1989), "Justamente Tres" (1996) and "Dos y Dos" (2011).

2. dos (standing for Dance of Sound) was a Japanese R&B/pop trio, best known for their 1996 platinum-certified single, "Baby Baby Baby". All of their material was produced by legendary producer, Tetsuya Komuro, who wrote and produced songs for various multi-platinum acts, including Globe, TRF, Ami Suzuki and Ayumi Hamasaki. The group split in late 1996 after the release of their third single, "Close Your Eyes". The group's lead vocalist, Taeco (who was a former idol), went on to release one more single, "Deep Grind", in 1997. She retired all together a decade later, in 2007. The group's dancer and back vocalist, Asami, went on to involve herself in a controversial romantic relationship with the group's main producer, Tetsuya Komuro, and joined the producer in the duo, Kiss Destination (renamed to True Kiss Destination later on), in 1998. The group had mild success, and Asami and Komuro filed for a divorce in 2002, a year after their marriage. The group's male member, Kaba, (who was dos's choreographer), came out of the closet a few years after dos's disbandment, and became a pop culture icon for his skills as a dancer, his over-the-top flamboyancy, and became a hero among Japan's gay community.

DOS (Diverse Onde Sonore)
This is a project of Thomas Prioli and Carloliva. Their best known song is Memories. Other songs were released on the compilations MovimentoLento.

Dos is an American chiptune artist from Oregon, making music on a Nintendo Gameboy and a Commodore 64. .