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About Lockjaw

There is more than one Lockjaw:

1) Lockjaw was formed in Portland, Oregon around 1980 by Del Murry (guitar), Tony Arcudi (vocals), Eric Couch (bass), and Rob Parker (drums)... the band played clubs like The Met, 13th Precinct, and the Satyricon in the early days. By 1984 drummer Rob Parker was replaced with Jeremy J., and guitarist Garrett Garitano was added to the lineup. By that time Lockjaw was labeled "Portland's most hated band."

Lockjaw was ripped by the media, protested, and a couple of local record stores destroyed all the band's records. The band was accused of being nazis and white power racists, but it was all hysteria, rumor, and of course not true...

Lockjaw continued to play hardcore until 1987.

2) There was also a Lockjaw from Britain around 77-78.
In 1977, Lockjaw released their debut single, "Radio Call Sign". It was backed by "The Young Ones". The West Sussex, England punk band recorded two singles before disbanding. Bassist Andy Septic (Simon Gallup) would later join The Cure.
1977/1978 - LOCKJAW
Gary Bower (Bo Zo) - vocals
Stuart Hinton (Micky Morbid)- guitar
Simon Gallup (Andy Septic) - bass
Martin Ordish (Oddy Ordish) - drums

3) Lockjaw is a Punk/Hardcore band from the beef capital of Australia: Rockhampton. So far they have released 2 demo's and a 3-song Ep. Known for getting wasted and ruining/ruling their live shows, more than for their musical output.