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About King Clave

King Clave is an Argentinian singer who sang the Spanish version of the Claude François/Burtayre song "Le Telephone Pleure," named "Mi Corazon Lloro."

His career rocketed in the 70's with his charming personality and romantic music.
His Greatest Hits recorded include: (Click on Link to watch Videos)

1) Los hombres no deben llorar - Palmeira/Mario Zan (Men should not cry)

2) Tema de amor para una chiquilina - King Clave (Love theme for a lovely girl)
3) Por esas pequeñas cosas - King Clave (By the simple little things)
4) La cancion del te quiero - G. Correa (The song named: I love You)
5) Vuelve mi amor - Hnos. Rodriguez (Return my love)
6) Balada para un corazon de madera - K. Clave/Dany Pat (Ballad for a wooden heart)
7) Imaginemos que es amor - Armando Patrono (Let's imagine what love is)
8) Usted me dejo llorando - K. Clave - Hector Julio Barragan (You left me crying)
9) Mi corazon lloro - Claude Francois/Burtayre (Le telephone pleure/My heart cried)

10)Que perdonen mi tristeza - K. Clave (Let them my sorrow be forgiven)
11)Yo soy un romanticon - K. Clave/Jose angel Rota (I'm a very romantic guy)
12)Mimosa - K. Clave (Loving Tenderness)
13)Que vuelvas por los tres - K. Clave/Samuel Gregorio Moguilevsky (Return for the three of us)
14)Voy a probarte que te quiero - K. Clave (I'm going to proof my love for you)
15)Por culpa tuya - K. Clave (Because of your guiltiness)