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Buy Turkuaz Concert Tickets in Bozeman 2020


About Turkuaz

"Funk music is an age old tradition. It has taken on many forms over the years. The aim of Turkuaz is to do what we can to keep this tradition alive and growing. So turn your speakers up loud, and get as freaky as you want to be. To dance is a protection, funk is your connection, so don't forget that shit!"

Band Members:
Taylor Shell- (Assorted Funk) Dave Brandwein- (Assorted Funk) Mike Haziza- (Assorted Funk) Mikie Carrubba (Assorted Funk) Greg Sanderson (Assorted Funk) Josh Schwartz (Assorted Funk) Chris Brouwers (Assorted Funk) Shane Allen (Assorted Funk) Nat Osborne (Assorted Funk) Nicky Egan (Assorted Funk)

Record Label: Galaxy Smith
Type of Label: Indie