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About Lettuce

(...)It was 1992 at the Berklee School of Music, and a few high school summer session kids exploded onto the Boston jazz scene with killer chops and bottomless energy. Drawn together at the altar of funky soul, Eric Krasno, Sam Kininger, Adam Deitch, Erick Coomes, Jeff Bhasker, and Ryan Zoidis began taking over local clubs and jam nights on borrowed sound equipment. Brash and precocious, the guys always got what they needed: "Let us borrow your gear." "Let us play one more tune." "Let us crash on your couch." Thus Lettuce ("Let us...") was born, and the funky gospel found another apostle.

Fortified and funkified by their Berklee experience, the fellas inevitably went their separate ways. A pool of talent this deep was bound to spill over into other projects, thankfully, and current funk forbearers Soulive, Kudu, The Squad, and the John Scofield Band each feature Lettuce alumni. So the timing is perfect-10 years and countless downstrokes later, Lettuce has regrouped and given us the blueprint of the new sound funky (...).

From: http://www.jambase.com/headsup.asp?storyID=2679
written by: Jonathan Zwickel (JamBase San Francisco Correspondent)
Go See Live Music! [Published on 7/6/2002] .