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About Subculture

There are 4 known bands called Subculture ; the first is an Oi! band from the UK. They released their "Loud and Clear" 7 inch in 1983 on Essential Recods. The UK Subculture also appeared on the Oi!Oi! That's yer lot! compilation. Captain Oi! re-issued

The second is an hardcore punk band from North Carolina, USA. They released one LP called "I heard a Scream" in 1985 on No Core Records/Fartblossom Enterprises.
(all) UK Subculture Material on a Split with A.B.H. in 1998.

The third is a punk band from the island of Malta, led by Ray il-Baħri, who is the guitarist and vocalist of the band. They have released 4 albums so far.

The fourth is an electronica band based out of New York featuring male and female vocals and a strong guitar element. The band is most known for thier remake of Blondie's "Call Me". .

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