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About Rockapella

Download "A-Punk" from Rockapella HERE.

Rockapella is an American a cappella musical group best known for their series of Folgers Coffee commercials and the Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? theme song. "Rockapella" is a portmanteau of "rock" and "a cappella". In addition to original vocal music, the group also perform a cappella covers of pop songs.

The original group members consisted of Brown University alumni Elliott Kerman, David Stix, Sean Altman, and Steve Keyes, who started performing together sheerly out of their love for music. Stix left the group early on and was replaced with Charlie Evett. After having performed on New York City street corners for passers-by the group met a producer who found them a spot on the television show Spike & Co.: Do It A Cappella, hosted by Spike Lee. It was this show that put them in the national spotlight.

The text "All sounds provided by the voices and appendages of Rockapella," the central idea of the group, appears on the group's label debut, Don't Tell Me You Do.

None of the original members of Rockapella currently remain in the group. Founding members Sean Altman and Steve Keyes, Rockapella alum Charlie Evett, and non-Rockapella-related baritone Kevin Weist now comprise an a cappella group called The GrooveBarbers. They can be seen on a current nationwide television ad for Astelin nasal spray as 'The Astelins'. Founding member Elliott Kerman, is working independently on jazz music compilations.

Frequently, songs downloaded on file-sharing programs are mis-tagged as Rockapella, when they are instead by other a cappella artists, including collegiate groups, Moxy Früvous, The Nylons, and Da Vinci's Notebook, as well as for other, less similar acts, such as Eddie From Ohio, or They Might Be Giants.

On December 11th, 2009 Rockapella made a free version of "White Christmas" available for download on

* Charles S. ("Scott") Leonard (high tenor, joined 1991)
* Jeff T. Thacher (vocal percussion, joined 1993)
* George W. Baldi (bass, joined 2002)
* John K. Brown (baritone, joined 2004)
* Steven Dorian (tenor, joined 2010)

* David Stix (bass, member 1986-1987)
* Charlie Evett (bass, member 1987-1988)
* Steve Keyes (high tenor, member 1986-1991)
* Sean D. Altman (tenor, member 1986-1997)
* Barry S. Carl (bass, member 1989-2002)
* Elliott S. Kerman (baritone, member 1986-2004)
* Kevin R. Wright (tenor, joined 1997)

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