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About Sonreal

SonReal is a young and independent artist from Vancouver, B.C. Canada. With his humbling attitude and social awareness, SonReal brings a distinctive quality to the Hip-Hop genre. His mature self-understanding compels him to create a unique perspective contrary to the stereo-typical urban artist. His lyrics reflect real life issues, addressing topics such as poverty, education and social acceptance. Live instrumentals combined with natural vocal talent provide harmony and set SonReal apart from the average rapper.

His sophomore album, “Good Morning” appeals to a wide demographic as songs cover genres ranging from Rock and Alternative to Soul, Hip-Hop and R&B. The acoustic track, “Oh My” adds a completely new dimension, evolving the Hip-Hop sound into new territory. Composers from all over the world including Paris, Holland, Montreal, Toronto and New York blend the sounds creating not just listening enjoyment but a musical experience. .