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About 80 Proof

80 Proof is a six-piece band from Fullerton, CA. Drawing from an eclectic blend of musical influences including reggae, rock, pop, blues, and soul, 80 Proof has created a sound that never fails to be regarded as unique and captivating. The driving force behind the band is a desire to bring people together through music which reminds the audience the importance of feeling alive, connected, and real. 80 Proof blends conscientious lyrics with catchy musical arrangements, talented musicianship, and a stage performance which is always downright… fun .

With the release of “A Life of Fire” E.P., 80 Proof has emerged onto the Orange County music scene to a wave of enthusiasm. Though the band has a history that stretches back to 2004, the group has only recently reunited to pursue a sincere musical career. After finishing college and other personal endeavors the guys came together in the summer of 2010 to begin writing new material. Since their return to the stage in February of 2011 the band has ignited a growing following and is currently set to tour the west Coast this August.