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About Alter Ego

There are several artists called Alter Ego:
1. is an electro/techno-clash group from Germany
2. is an 80s indie/new wave band from Copenhagen, Denmark
3. is a rock band from Yerevan, Armenia
4. is a 90s synth/ebm band from Hofors, Sweden
5. is a rock band from Jihlava, Czech Republic
6. is a hip hop group from Guatemala
7. is a Pop-Punk band from the USA
8. is a technical death metal band from Cojusna , Republic of Moldova , changed name to Dakon in 2005
9. is an instrumental progressive rock-metal band from Santiago, Chile
10. is a hip hop group from San Antonio, Texas (changed named to Damaged Goodz in 2005)
11. is an American female fronted melodic rock band. They released 1 record in 1989 called "Fear".
12. is an Italian new music ensemble specializing in minimalist and other contemporary classical musics.
13. is an alt-rock band from Minnesota that disbanded in 1998.
14. is a folk duo from Quebec.
Alter Ego (1) is a German Electro / Techno-group who had a big hit in 2004 with Rocker, taken from Transphormer. In 2005 that album was remixed into 'Transphormed'. See also band member Roman Flügel's solo work.

Alter Ego (2) was a very active 80s indie/new wave band from Copenhagen, Denmark. The band participated in the border breaking event “Next Stop Soviet” taking place in the Soviet Union 1989 in order to create bonds on a person-to-person level between the Soviet and European youth. Played at “Roskilde Festival” in 1990.

Alter Ego (3) was formed in Yerevan in 1998 by Edgar Barseghyan (vocal, guitar, keyboards, music, lyrics). Many changes took place in the band during the first years. Many young Armenian musicians played in AlterEgo in the short period of 1998-2000. There were both begginers and already famous rock musicians from other Yerevan-bands among them, such as Suren Sargsyan (bass, back-vocal, keyboards sometimes) and Koryun Bobikyan (drums, violin) who became AlterEgo in the end of 2000. In December '05 Alexander Kochikyan (guitar, violin) joined the band.

During the last years AlterEgo played in the Rock Club, participated in many large festivals (such as Rock'NPAK '98, Love Summer 2000, Pacific I, II, Rock Against AIDS, International Aerials '04 in Holland, etc.)

The main concept of the first In Conflict (2006) album is the battle of ego and alter ego. The first three songs (Alter Ego, Midday, Soldier) are the commencement of the way, search for the style. Inspired with the music of the '60-s, they sound very plain and sincere. The last three compositions (Winter Blind, 87 Voices Of The Sun, Rishikesh) are surely more serious with richer sound. These are the songs, the melodies and structures that brightly express the confrontation of the contrasts with the delicate sounds of the violins, flute and piano alternating with heavy guitar riffs, hard rock sound and the angry vocals roaring out the words of kindness and love..

Alter Ego (4) was a swedish synth/ebm act in the early '90s, from Hofors in Sweden with obvious influences from A Split Second, Front 242, Front Line Assembly and the darker techno wave as it appeared in Sweden at that time.

Alter Ego might be the only ever local synth band that also performed live in Hofors. In 1988-1992 when they were actively making music together the small town was in all other aspects without an electronic scene.
They produced a rough dozen songs that were performed live and spread to friends. The songs were done in several versions and retakes. One of these inofficial Demo Tapes has been recompiled for release on and is renamed "Industricity" as a reference to the to the industrial city they grow out of, the ambitions that going against the stream demands and for the genre they explored.

The members are still active electronic musicians. Mikael Mäntylä is making dark dance music today as Micco and Kent Norling is in the electronic band DUTY. Stefan Glawing is a collaborator to Mikael on some tracks as well.

Alter Ego (5)is a czech rock band from Jihlava. Alter Ego released only one album, called "Adventus" (2003).

Alter Ego (6)is a underground hip hop group formed by Big James and DJ Urban 01 in late 2004 in Guatemala City, Guatemala (2008).

Alter Ego(7) was formed by Geoff “Lip” Danielik after the more famous Arthus Dilemma had split up, releasing a single 7" titled 'S/T', and an EP titled 'Sandy', both on Backstreet Records.

Alter Ego(9) is an instrumental progressive rock-metal band. Is formed by Pepe Hidalgo (drums), Claudio Reyes (guitar), Rodolfo Otero(guitar) and Jose Weisz(guitar).

Alter Ego(14) is Quebecois folk duo specializing in French and Breton music. Its members are Alain Leroux (vocals, mandocello, bouzouki, fiddle) and Jean-Louis Cros (vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, bass). .