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About Anatomy

There are several bands named Anatomy:

1. Black/Death Metal from Australia.
- 1991 - Dark Religion (demo)
- 1992 - For Those Whose Eyes Are Black (demo)
- 1993 - Twisting Depths of Horror
- 1997 - Where Angels Die
- 1999 - The Witches Of Dathomir
- 2002 - Poison Blood/Suncrusher (split with Long Voyage Back)
Last Known Lineup:
Marty - vocals
Hippyslayer - guitar
Chris Masochist - Guitar
JA - Bass
Markus aka Hellcunt - Drums
Past Members:
Machen - Guitar, Keyboards
Wazarah - drums
Mick - Guitar
Craig - Guitar
Warren - Drums

2. Goregrind band from Italy.

3. Russian nu-metal band from Ivanovo. Anatomy formed in 2005 and released its first album Outsight that september. Current line-up:
Schegolev (Sche) Alexander — voice;
Kuzmitchov (Grin) Ivan — guitar;
Moiseev (Kayan) Igor' — bass\back-vocal;
Taganov (Thom@$) Artyom — drums.

4. 'Spooky doo-wop' band from Leicester, UK. Adventures in high visibility as "the other", constant paranoia that gets increasingly justified, post-referendum panic, war-on-drugs PTSD, body positivity and negativity alike, identity erasure, sexual obsolescence and awakening, intimacy and lack of confidence, hate crimes and mental health. Just the general crap that each of us deal with in different ways and intersections. Coping through the power of noise, pedals, riffs, drums and infinite singalongs.
First album You’re Nothing To Me was released in 2018. .