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About Andy

There are three artists called Andy:
1. the Iranian/Armenian artist Andranik Madadian.
2. Andy Lee (앤디), member of the Korean boyband Shinhwa
3. A polish indie pop band.
4. A swedish DJ and electronic artist - dj Andy.
5. Andy is slovak hip-hop producer. His first album is Deti Panelu.
6. A Belgium singer famous from the song Boem Boem Boem!

1) Andy Andranik Madadian ( اندی آندرانیک مددیان), better known by his stage name "Andy", is an Iranian Armenian singer and former professional soccer player currently based in Glendale, California. He is often referred to as the "Persian Elvis Presley."

He has been awarded Best Armenian International Singer of the year four times and in 1994 Universal Studios declared Andy the best Iranian singer of the decade. Andy has released fifteen music albums since the start of his career including "And My Heart..." in which he sings five tracks in Persian, two in Armenian, two in Spanish, two in English, one in Arabic, and one in Hindi. His music is currently banned by the government in Iran, but bootleg versions of his albums can be found very easily.

2) ANDY has been moved to

3) Andy Lee (Please tag him as 앤디) is a Korean entertainer, best known for being a rapper in Korea's longest running boyband Shinhwa (신화).

4) Andy
dj Andy is an independent electronic composer/dj from falun (Sweden). He has released several vinyl ep’s and a graffiti soundtrack cd for the Swedish graffiti film "Lady In Red". Part of the collaboration Xely.

6) Andy Samyn
Andy a brother of Jimmy from Get Ready became famous in Belgium with his first single Boem Boem Boem! Afterwards he had 2 more singles: Oscar Superstar and Ik heb een boontje. In 1999 he released his first album name Andy. It became silent after the release of the single Gebroken Hart. .