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About AOK

1. "AOK arrives on the Indie scene with an amalgam of Electronic, Pop, Blues and Rock, with a Hip Hop influence. Sure to keep your heads bobbin, these two get it in." -From their Reverb Nation Page
"You realize, the first time you watch AOK, that they really mean it: they mean every note. Kyle, cool and reserved in leather jacket and sunglasses, plays hot, aggressive guitar; Angela, probably in heart-shaped earrings, dances for her life and sings with a fierceness equaled and anchored by her solid technique. This sincerity would be laudable but depressing if they weren't good, but they are good. AOK has hip hop swagger and rock and roll grime. The songs get better the louder they're played. But you know all this. You've seen them. Unless you haven't. In which case...what the fuck, man. I mean: you've really got to see this band." -From their Facebook page

2. AOK is Adrian Orange from Portland, Oregon. Adrian is also Thanksgiving, Adrian Orange & Her Band, and A.O.

3. AOK is A.O.K. is Asterix, Obelix a Krucifix, Czech free improvisation trio .