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About Argus

There are at least eight bands which go by the name of Argus:

1: Argus is a doom/heavy metal band from Franklin, Pennsylvania, USA, who released their self-titled debut album, Argus, on Shadow Kingdom Records in May 2009. The band recorded a well-received demo in 2007 and maintains a page at In August 2010, Argus announced the title of their follow-up, sophomore album, Boldly Stride the Doomed, which was released in early 2011 via Cruz Del Sur Music.

Argus is:
Brian "Butch" Balich -- Vocals (formerly of Penance)
Jason Mucio -- Guitar
Erik Johnson -- Guitar
Andy Ramage -- Bass
Kevin Latchaw -- Drums

2: A Tasmanian psychedelic rock band who produced their first EP (as a three-piece outfit -- guitar, bass and drums) at the beginning of 2006, with three animated film clips on DVD. Shortly after, a keyboard player was added to the lineup. Argus' debut album Mighty Man was released through Warrior Records/UMGD in April 2009.

3: A Macedonian Heavy Metal band formed in 1987.
Macedonian heavy metal band. Formed in 1988, they released two albums in the 1990s. They split up in 1998, however reunited in 2005 and released a new single.
Early releases (their "Sveti zborovi/Свети зборови (Holy Words)" demo tape in 1989 and appearances on the Demoskop series of cassettes in 1990 and 1991) were in their native Macedonian, but their two albums were in English. With their single "Veruvaj" (2005), they have returned to using Macedonian.

4: A power metal band from Mexico, which split up in 1992 after releasing two full-length albums -- "El Vigilante" (1990) and "Valle Azul" (1992).

5: A Medieval-themed black metal band from Romania, who released three demos and one full-length album, titled "Obscur si Etern" (2001), before changing their name to Argus Megere in 2005.

6: A heavy metal band from Florida, USA, who released a self-titled EP in 1983, and then promptly split up.

7: A New Wave of British Heavy Metal band (NWoBHM) from the UK, who are still listed as an active band in spite of their only release being the 1984 "Holocaust" single.

8: A hard rock band from the 1970s, which released one self-titled album.

9: A heavy metal band which released an album titled "Warrior of the World" in 1987 on Megaton Records.

10: A progressive rock band from Holland which released an debut album titled "Tell Me!" in 2016. .