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About Peach Pit

There are at 2 bands sharing the name Peach Pit.

1) Peach Pit is a band from Vancouver, Canada

2) Peach Pit is a 4-piece math/post rock band from Croatia formed in 1994.

The idea of making a band was started by Bruno Vidović and Mihael Bele in 1994, and after few parties, name Peach Pit (after an odd restaurant in the 90210) emerged as a name for a band that would create noise rock on the heritage of Big Black, Killdozer, Scratch acid and others. Peach Pit's first lineup was formed in the autumn of 1994 and it consisted of Mihael Bele on guitar, Bruno Vidović on drums and Branko Beðtak on bass.

First concerts which promoted early materials that featured vocals were loud and genuinely violent and often featured stage acts such as firecrackers, feedback and stage diving, for which they were often discarded as juvenile and abrupted by sound engineers by pulling out of electricity or even police.

By 1996, Peach Pit turned completely instrumental under influence of new music from across the water, and also played a lot of shows, some of them with noted names such as Zeni Geva. In the spring of 1997, Franjo Gluðac (previously from Liquid Light, also instrumental) joined Peach Pit on the second guitar, and his coming also marked departure of Beðtak which left Peach Pit as a three-piece with Franjo and Mihael on guitars and basses and Bruno on drums. Along with that, first compilation appearances were made, and Peach Pit was now open to audiences outside of Zagreb and started making materials for the first release.

Tricky Slaughter Operation cd-r (burned in 100 copies) was issued in the spring of 1998 and featured Tomica Ðãavina of Brassneck on bass (who left after the album was recorded and a short tour) and also Beðtak's guest appearance on one song. It was recorded live during a six month period in Kozmo. During that period Mihael and Franjo were also the guitar part of the Lunar with which Peach Pit shared a practice room.

Next self-release was Autom csep, which was mostly recorded by overdubbing in Kozmo in summer of 1998 and was issued along with Christmas greeting card ep which was recorded later that year. It was followed by a short concert break which was used for making of a first official album, Suspicios Cargo which was recorded in june of 1999 and was issued nine months later on Ivica Barièeviã's Earwing records. Bara also became promotor for most of the Peach Pit's concerts during that period.

Finishing of Suspicious cargo also marked Bruno Motik being recruited on second guitar, which created current lineup that exists since 1999. His coming brought complexity to songwriting and a step toward exploring new techniques which became our trademark since then.

In the summer of 2000, material for a second album (Music for the Fruitcake Generation) was recorded but was lost. That period was marked with heavy concerting which, along with a album material failure brought some problems to the band after which Peach Pit decided to take a one year break in 2001 after which a short European tour in 2003, that featured five-piece with Branko Beðtak(again) on bass, and Bruno Motik on second drums and guitar, took place. Also, Peach Pit also named a genre for the music which they are playing, sport-rock.

Later, in 2004 some of the songs from the lost material were re-recorded in Kozmo using live recording technique directly to tape and are to be released on Interstellar records Supernova 2 compilation. Four new Sport Rock songs have been recorded (26mins) in january 2006 in Kozmo, and are awaiting mix. .

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