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About Sleepyhead

There are multiple artists recording under the name Sleepyhead.

1. Samuel Pohner aka $leepyhead originally began makin music in his hometown of Feeding Hills, MA in 1999. But not fully flexing his styles until his work with KnowSleep in 2006 with Knowa Knowone. The group had two releases to date. Later in 2007 he continued with solo production and a side project with Mimosa called Sexytime....Now in 2011 Sleepyhead has progressed beyond earlier genres and takes on sound and continued with a multi genre, multi tempo texture bassed production and dj style ranging from Ghettotech, House, Tropical, Bmore ect..

2. Sleepyhead is a punk rock band from the Twin Cities of Minnesota.

3. sleepyhead, formerly Broken Toy Airplanes:
sleepyhead is an electronica project by seventeen year old Haley EIizabeth Mills. Hailing from Pleasanton, Texas, her music is very enlightening and joyous, while her lyrics are slightly mature and very metaphoric. She’s done a couple contemporary covers, and has a good amount of her own original songs. Definitely young talent at it’s best.
Also see: Haley's side project, wunderland

4. Indie Rock trio. Formed in New York City and now based in West Roxbury, MA. Original Lineup: Chris O'Rourke (vocals/guitar), Michael Galinksy (bass), Rachel McNally (vocals/drums). Albums Punk Rock City USA (1993, Slumberland) , Starduster (1994, Homestead), Communist Love Songs (1996, Homestead), The Brighter Shore (Sealed Fate, 1999). An EP titled Late Night Thinkin' was released on Sealed Fate in 1998. The band is working on their 5th album, tentatively titled Red Letter Daze, from which a single was digitally released by Other Music in March 2008.

5. DJ. From Perth, Australia, a place where there's not much to do but get drunk and listen to electro or indie rock. Enjoying both and having a strong desire to pick the music at parties, Sleepyhead purchased a set of decks and a copy of Serato, then proceeded to steal his name from the Passion Pit song (how was he supposed to know the damn song would get famous) and got to work.

6. Synthpop/Acoustic artist from Buffalo, New York.
From his myspace page:
My name's Sleepyhead, I dwell in a tiny blue room in Buffalo, NY. I use a ukulele, a nice little synth, and a tambourine to make my tunes. These songs are about stuff that happened to me, but, maybe they're about something that happened to you too. Whatever the case may be, I really hope it makes your ear all happy, and full of joy. .