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About Amanda Miguel

Most popular in Mexico, which she eventually made her residency, Amanda Miguel is an Argentine-born Latin pop singer who rose to fame in the early '80s in collaboration with her husband, singer/songwriter Diego Verdaguer. Born June 1, 1956, in Gaiman, Chubut, Argentina, she moved to Buenos Aires at age 16 and studied music at the conservatory. Shortly afterward she met Verdaguer and joined his group Mediterráneo, which also included Valeria Lynch prior to her solo career. Blessed with a strong voice and star power, it wasn't long before Miguel embarked on a solo career of her own with the support of Verdaguer as her songwriting partner and producer. After making her solo recording debut in 1979 with the single "Papá, Cuando Regreses," she made her full-length album debut with El Sonido, Vol. 1 (1981), a commercial blockbuster that spawned the smash hits "Él Me Mintió" and "Mi Buen Corazón." The success of her debut album warranted not one but two follow-ups, El Sonido, Vol. 2 (1983) and El Sonido, Vol. 3 (1984), and she closed out the decade with El Pecado (1987), later reissued with an abundance of bonus material, including early promotional videos. Miguel was steadily active throughout the '90s, during which time she expanded her repertoire to include a range of styles, most notably Mexican regional music. Her albums from this era include El Rostro del Amor (1990), Rompecorazones (1992), Ámame una Vez Más (1996), and 5 Días (1999). From this point onward, Miguel's output slowed considerably. Six years passed before she released her next studio album, Piedra de Afilar (2005), a collaboration with Mexican singer/songwriter Anahí. Around this same time, she collaborated with Verdaguer on the live album Siempre Fuimos Dos (2005). Subsequent albums include Anillo de Compromiso (2008) and Dedicado a México (2010).

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