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About Athena

There are multiple artists with this name:

1) Athena is a Turkish ska/rock group. Athena was formed by twin brothers Gökhan Özoğuz and Hakan Özoğuz in 1987. They started their musical life as a metal band, and released their first album One Last Breath, but switched to the ska genre some time later.

2) Athena is a British-born and based, Greek by origin singer/songwriter who has released an EP called "Snapshot" (2006), and albums called "Breathe with Me" (2007) and "Peeling Apples" (2012) on Embraceable Records.

3) Athena is a five piece modern metal band from Norwich. They recorded their first demo in mid 2007.

4) Athena is a five piece Hardcore/Deathcore band from South Wales, Cardiff.

5) Athena is an Independent Christian Recording Artist with a five-octave range. She has released two albums. Her debut, "Grateful", is her testimony in song for what God has done for her. Her newest release, "Hymns Book 1", is a collection of traditional hymns she sang as a child.

6) Athena is the alias of Swedish Goa trance producer Linda Miranda Silvergren.

7) Athena was also the name of an Italian metal band. Founded in 1991, they split up in 2001 after releasing three albums, each one with a different singer: Inside the Moon (1995, Alessio Mosti), A New Religion? (1998, Fabio Lione), and Twilight of Days (2001, Francesco Neretti).

8) Athena is a deathcore band from Puyallup, Washington. .