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About Butterscotch

There is more than one artist with this name:

1) Butterscotch were an English band with three members Chris Arnold - David Martin - Geoff Morrow who had a top ten hit in 1970 with "Don't you know (she said hello)"

2) Butterscotch is an American hip hop, soul, r&b and beat boxing artist. Butterscotch is best known for being a contestant on America's Got Talent. Her trademark is her talent of singing and beat boxing at the same time.

Butterscotch incorporates beat boxing into her compositions along with instruments she plays such as the piano, flute, saxophone, bass, guitar and performs regularly at shows in the California Region. Butterscotch is heavily influenced by jazz, classical, hip hop and R&B artists ranging from Claude Debussy to John Coltrane to Stevie Wonder. She was accepted into the music program at California State University Sacramento as a Classical Piano Major but now is trying to create a Beat box or Vocal Percussion Major. .