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About Casper

1) Benjamin Griffey, better known as "Casper", is a german rapper from Bielefeld. Casper started writing rhymes as a child while still growing up in Augusta, Georgia. One thing lead to the other and his mother decided to move on out to Germany. After concentrating on his metalcore band for two years, "A Fear Called Treason", he decided to record a hip hop mixtape called "Die Welt hört mich" in 2006. On May 9, 2008, Casper released his first album "Hin zur Sonne" followed by really successful "XOXO" in 2011.

2) Casper is a hip-hop artist from Chicago.

3) Casper is a metal band from Varna, Bulgaria.

4) Casper was an Oasis-inspired band from Los Angeles, California.

5) Casper aka. Spørg Casper is a danish YouTuber.

6) Casper is a drum & bass, deep house, UK garage, synthwave, and synthpop dj/producer from Chicago. .