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About Mighty Mystic

   Mighty Mystic was born Kevin Mark Holness in 1980, to Morris and Sonia Holness in the Country side of St Elizabeth, Jamaica.  As a boy Mystic showed great interest in his island’s music.   You could often hear him singing the popular tunes of those days while working on his father’s farm, says a family member.  It wasn’t until the separation of his parents, and a far move to the states (Boston Ma) that fueled the musical passion in young Mystic.  In the late 80s early 90s, break dancing and a still young hip hop was the trendiest thing on the streets of Mass, and Mystic along with his older brother (Stephen) was swept up in to its raging storm.  Not soon after did the word spread on Mystic and by the mid 90s Mighty Mystic was already a local star.

After several years and several local releases, Mystic began to carefully and methodically craft his career in a way that would be meaningful to his audience and himself.  And in 2003 Mighty Mystic teamed up with reggae superstars Tanto Metro & Devonte to release Mystic’s first National record titled “Been So Long”.  The tune received great reviews, was featured on 50+ charts, got thousands of radio spins and got Mighty Mystic the National attention he deserved. Mystic continued with his hard working mentality and followed up with the release of “Black People Anthem” along with music video in 2004. “Black People Anthem” had a message for the world to hear, and hear they did.  The single shot up to #2 on the Jamaican charts and proved Mighty Mystic as an artist worth following.

Mystic spent the rest of 2004 recording for VP Records Riddim Driven Series, while traveling on his first national road tour.”  Mystic’s achievements that year were crystallized when Jamaica news magazine, The X-News dubbed him “The Simmering Volcano who is about to explode.”  One after the other Mystic began recording and releasing, devoting most of his time to keep up with the fast demands of his fans.  Mystic’s constant hard work paid off when in 2005 he joined forces with New England’s own Split2nd Entertainment to begin the early stages of Mighty Mystic’s Debut album “Wake up the World”.

Since the 05 signing Mystic has released the 2 biggest singles of his career, “Treat her Right” and “Riding on the Clouds”.  Both track received high acclaim from the press, radio and the streets.  The ground breaking music video for “Riding on the Clouds” was talked about internationally and is still a favorite amongst Reggae lovers alike.  His advancements did not go un-noticed and in June 2006 Mystic performed at Boston’s Summer Jam along side the great Mary J Blige, and Sean Paul to name a few.  Mystic also released Vol 1 and Vol 2 of the “Wake up the world” Mix tapes which combined feature over 1 hundred tracks.  Not to mention the 3 other underground releases, “Better Times” feat Stephen Thunder, “Can’t pull me Down” And “To the Top”.  

On December 8, 2006 Mighty Mystic won the prestigious Joe Higgs “Cool Operator” Rising Star Award. Joe Higgs was influential in launching the career of the late great Bob Marley.  In addition, Mystic took home the “Best new Artist” Award at the Stars of Boston Award show.  Mystic says “his rising popularity is due partly to the exciting performance which he and his band Steppers Heaven deliver at their concerts”.  He added, “Whenever you prove to your listeners what your worth is, it’s then they stop being listeners and become fans”. Mystic and producer Mike Cip are currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on Mighty Mystic Debut album “Wake up the World”.  Mystic says this album can be summed up with one word, Universal!  “My aim on this album is to draw from all facets and different walks of life to create something timeless”.  “Music is life and life is very broad, so I have to design something that can suit all people”.  

Since the Reign of the late great Bob Marley, Reggae music has crossed the seven seas and touched the four corners of the world. It has inspired millions while giving birth to a new and exciting way of modern musical life. It is this refreshing sound that reggae sensation Mighty Mystic has captured in a most remarkable way.


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