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About The Gladiators

1. The Gladiators are a Jamaican roots reggae band, most popular during the 1970s. The core was Albert Griffiths (guitarist and singer), Clinton Fearon (bassist and singer) and Gallimore Sutherland rhythm guitar and singer. The two most famous albums are Trenchtown Mix Up (1976) and Proverbial Reggae (1978) with songs as "Hearsay", "Jah Works", "Dreadlocks the Time is Now". "Mix Up", "Music Makers from Jamaica", and "Soul Rebel" – a song written by The Wailers.

1967, Kingston, Jamaica
Albert Griffiths, Errol Grandison (1967-73), David Webber (1967-69), Clinton Fearon (1969-87), Gallimore Sutherland (died in January 2017)

2. Gladiators is progressive metalcore band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. Lancaster is a cultural hub located amongst five major U.S. cities known for bringing audiences together in the vibrant music scene exclusive to the region. GLADIATORS work tirelessly to set themselves apart and establish a new frontier in the genre of metal. They bring a fresh perspective and direction to a scene that has developed a specific sound.

Michael Hart (vocals), Josh Krantz (guitar), Caleb Stoltzfus (drums), Bernard Stabley (bass) .

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