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About Cornerstone

Cornerstone is the name of several groups.

1) Danish hard rock band.
2) Austrian AOR/ Melodic Rock band. (using the ® -trademark in addition to their name)
3) Hardcore band form BETHEL, Connecticut, United States.
4) Christian rock group from ELk Grove, CA.
5) funk/rock act from South Wales, United Kingdom.
6) Bluegrass group based in Ithaca, New York.

1. Hard rock band led by Scottish vocalist Doogie White (ex-Rainbow, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen) and Danish bassist Steen Mogensen (ex-Royal Hunt). Since releasing their first album in 2000, the band have released four studio albums and one live album. Their latest album 'Two Tales Of One Tomorrow' was released in February of 2007 on Massacre Records.

Doogie White - vocals
Steen Mogensen - bass
Kasper Damgaard - guitar
Allan Sørensen - drums
Rune Brink - keyboards

2. Cornerstone ® is an Austrian rock band formed in 1998 in Moedling, Lower Austria. The band has gone through several phases, but its strongest success came 2008, when they signed a record deal with US-label ATOM Records and released their debut "Head Over Heels” in the same year. ATOM is working with artists like Jon Butcher and Barefoot Servants in the United States. In March 2008 the band has won the “Next Big Thing Contest,” sponsored by Alternative Addiction, and reached No. 1 on Chungardio (Scottsdale/AZ, U.S.A.) Statesides. In the same year the band toured Austria and UK, where they did a lot of interviews at radio stations, f.e. on ARFM-Radio/London with the legendary Steve Price. In 2009 another UK tour happened, the band appeared at the famous Z Rock Festival, together with Ted Poley and John Waite (Ex-Bad English, Ex-The Babys, and in summer 2009 they did a three weeks USA-tour and appeared on several Radio- and TV-stations. In the spring of 2011, Cornerstone released their sophomore effort "Somewhere in America”, which first pressing sold out within three weeks and did several shows in Austria, the surrounding countries and in the UK, where the band participated in the biggest rock-events of the country, just like the Rock and Bike Fest and the Pop Overthrow Festival in Liverpool. In the beginning of 2012 the song "Right or Wrong" was awarded as "Ballad of the Year" by British Rock Realms Magazine.

Although the band registered their bandname as international trademark, there is another band used this name, too, so they have mostly added an ® or an (AT) to their bandname, their own can be found here:

Patricia Hillinger - Vocals
Michael Wachelhofer - Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Steve Wachelhofer - Guitars, Vocals
Mike Pawlowitsch - Drums

3. Hardcore / Rock
BETHEL, Connecticut
United States

Toby Dalsgaard - Vocals
Steve Pica - Guitar
Tyler Wragg - Drums
Kevin Rorick - Bass

Cornerstone or also labeled xCORNERSTONEx, was started in 1992 in Bethel, Connecticut, by high school buddies Kevin Rorick and Toby Dalsgaard. With Kevin and Toby being the only "HC" kids in the group, it was a little tough to establish their sound. The first demo, released in 1993 reflects a lot of musical confusion. Without the chops or songwriting ability to pull of more technical parts, fast and short unintentionally became the mode of the day. Guitarist Jay Myola ended his short stint with Cornerstone at his third show when he neglected to show up. John Lucas entered the fold and they had a third coreman on board.
The guitar player, Steve Pica with Kevin the bass player's younger brother and longtime Cornerstone roadie Pat formed the band that would eventually become Fastbreak in 1994. It wasnt by design that they ended up sharing members, but in pre-internet and pre-drivers license era Bethel, CT, coming across fellow coremen wasn't easy. In what would be the first of two minings of their roster, Tyler Wragg joined Cornerstone in 1994. Tyler provided an immediate boost to the band, his speed behind the kit was great and he totally down for shows and being in the band. Within a few months they recorded their first legit demo, 1994s "The Truth Hurts". 500 of these were pressed and sold really quickly.
Of the many drummers the band had, Scott Frosh happened to play with Wide Awake towards the end of their career prior to playing with Cornerstone. John was a great guy, but being in college presented him with a life and schedule that was different than the band's, so shortly after the demo was recorded, John left and Coach from Fastbreak was asked to join. Coach was a great guitarist, and at 15 yrs old, SXE and with a Les Paul, he was good to go and Youth Crew- approved.
In late 1994, shortly after recording BEATING THE MASSES, drummer Tyler Wragg quit Fastbreak and Cornerstone in the same day to dedicate more time to hockey. Scott Frosch of CTs Wide Awake and Dismay had been a long time friend of the band and was the obvious choice to replace Tyler. With Scott in place, the band was no longer bound by members with curfews and was finally able to become the cohesive unit they strived to be. After what would be their biggest show ever in Princeton, NJ with Mouthpiece and perennial headliner 108, Mouthpiece got in touch and asked if Cornerstone would join them on their first tour, the summer of 95. While ultimately with job obligations and an endless stream of cancelled shows, they ended up playing only 6 or 7 shows. Regardless, it was great to be playing shows with one of the only bands that were actually playing traditional hardcore at the time.
The summer of 95' was a great year for the band. Due in part to all the cool shows, but also due to a renewed interest within the scene to traditional fast hardcore. It took a while for kids to warm up to dancing to fast skank parts and breakdowns, so it was cool to have people finally getting excited about HC again. This made the band one of the early, if not first, 'youth crew' revival bands to rear its head in the mid-90's. There was a great vibe at shows at that time and a definite sense that a new "era" of HC was starting. The Connecticut Brotherhood was formed at this time as a loose collective of the bands that Cornerstone was lucky to share the stage with quite often: Hatebreed, Breakfaith and Fastbreak. Places like the Bristol Bike Exchange, Studio 158 and the infamous Tune-Inn would become very common stages for shows with any or all of the Connecticut Brotherhood bands.
Cornerstone would play their last show as a functioning and serious band that summer of 95 at the now defunct Wetlands in NYC. Theyd never make it up Boston or the West Coast unfortunately. In winter of 95, over Christmas break, Cornerstone would record their last three songs: the yet to be released JUST DO IT, UNSTOPPABLE and SPIRIT OF YOUTH (Straight Ahead cover). The songs marked a departure from their previous material into (uh-oh) catchier territory and stands as the bands personal favorite material. The following summer of 1996, they would play 2 reunion shows, the final one being at the Sports Palace in New Britain, CT with [artistFollow Through, Fastbreak, Tenfold and Halfmast.

Cornerstone, released 2-3 demos, a split 7" w/ Unit Pride that was released by Lost & Found (a German label notorious for making bootlegs, however, this release was legitimate at least on Cornerstone's end) and finally a full length called 'beating the masses' released off of Lost & Found (again, a legit release) who did the CD version with Underestimated Records taking care of the 12" vinyl. The cover art was illustrated by Ernie of Token Entry, Grey Area, Abomanation, In Your Face, and Black Train Jack fame.

""Truth Hurts Demo""

Unit Pride/Cornerstone
Release date:1995
A1. Cornerstone - Not For You
A2. Cornerstone - Dont Ever Say You Were
B1. Unit Pride - Wide Awake

Full Length's:
""Beating The Masses"" LP
Release date:1995
1. Faith Or Fear 1:52
2. Why Bother 0:56
3. Dont Ever Say You Were 1:52
4. X Connecticut Crucial Kick Box X 2:16
5. Not For You 2:05
6. Two Faced 1:08
7. Always At Fault 1:36
8. Str8 Ahead 2:01
9. What Does It Take 0:32

4. Christian rock group from ELk Grove, CA.

5. funk/rock act from South Wales(United Kingdom)Who are a fresh new and funky act on the music scene.Currently riding high on the success of their first e.o The Power of Suggestion.

6. Bluegrass group based in Ithaca, New York. .