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About DOA

1. (doa) doa is a Japanese hard rock band currently under the Giza Studio label. The band is named after a single letter of each of the members' names: Daiki Yoshimoto, Shinichiro Ohta, and Akihito Tokunaga.
Two of the band's singles, "Eiyuu" and "Aoi Kajitsu", were used as opening theme songs for the 2004-2005 tokusatsu TV series Ultraman Nexus. Shiro no Jumon was used as an ending theme song for Saiyuki Reload Gunlock.
They consist of 3 members:
吉本 大樹 (Daiki Yoshimoto) < Vo >
大田 紳一郎 (Shinichiro Ohta) < Vo / Gt >
徳永 暁人 (Akihito Tokunaga) < Vo / Ba >


2. DOA is a Turkish hiphop and R&B artist who has released her debut album on March'08.

(NOTE: This is very similar to the name of a hardcore band from Vancouver formed in the late seventies. The correct tag for that band is D.O.A.)

3: Doa - Is the name of a Galician (NW Spain) Celtic Folk Band.

Formed in A Corunna in 1978. Their own website is at

They have released several albums:-

O son da estrela escura (1979)

Polaridade (1984)

Perfiles (1986)

Arboretum (2002)

A fronda dos cervos (2006) .