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About Motherhood

There are multiple artists under the name Motherhood:

(1)A Birmingham, England-based soul-pop/RNB artist formed in 2011
(2)A Fredericton, New Brunswick-based alternative rock band formed in formed in 2010
(3)A Germany-based psychedelic fusion band prominent in the late-1960's and early 70's, sometimes titled The Motherhood

(1) Motherhood (Birmingham, England)

Motherhood is Joe Robinson. Murdering EP is out on Blessing Force Records and can be downloaded for free or pay on their Bandcamp.

'Debut EP from Motherhood. Written from the perspective of a serial killer and his many victims, ‘Murdering’ is an icy, soul tinged and mysterious record, combining silky synths, hip hop beats and glacial vocals.

"Ever-inventive, it weaves between R&B-style verses and light, energetic choruses. Plainly dark but brimming with a youthful tease, it's an enlivened work" -'

(2) Motherhood (Fredericton, New Brunswick)
Free tracks as well as purchasable tracks can be downloaded at:

"After a few variations of the same, a few name changes, a few conceptual paradigm shifts, Motherhood is here. For lack of a better explanation, Motherhood is the band that you wouldn't want your conservative thirteen-year-old son to listen to; he might rebel. Boasting musicians competent on numerous instruments and 5-piece vocal abilities, Motherhood has a sound that's incomparable. to pretty much anything else.

Motherhood is a compilation of four best friends from small-town, Belleisle, New Brunswick, plus a little girl from Fredericton, New Brunswick (she is working on gaining best friend status as well). Originally a three-piece known (to a few) as Columbia Spacelab 1, Brydon, Ian and Adam soon invited tough-guy Nathan Merrithew to join the force, and The Elephant was born. Not long after appearing as a guest with The Elephant, Penelope Stevens was offered the position of 'the girl'. On August 29th, 2010, Motherhood was born.

Motherhood makes music because they want to."

Adam Sipkema - drums, vocals
Brydon Crain - vocals, guitar, keys
Ian Goff - guitar, vocals, bass
Penelope Stevens - vocals, keys, bass

(3) Motherhood (Germany)

Psychedelic fusion and jazz band led by saxophonist and film scorer Klaus Doldinger, who later split into the bands Passport and Hallelujah