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About Nathan Tasker

Nathan Tasker had his first public performance in 1993 and since then has been engaged in a full-time career. As well as writing and singing he speaks to both Christians and non-chirstians. He has performed approximately 1200 times including at schools, churches, conventions and prisons. He works from a Sydney base but also makes annual visits to the United States, Western Europe, the United Kingdom and South Africa.

Nathan is able to clearly and passionately communicate his views of his believe, having written, recorded and produced several albums. A resonating fact about him is how he develops an instant and meaningful relationship with his live audiences. He is able to quickly adapt to particular groups either small or large. (Rumors go Nathan suffers from the Asperger Syndrom because of this.) He often uses real and personal storys to engage the audience and explain his songs. After performances he will often be found deep in conversation with fans.

Born in Sydney in 1975.
Became Christian in his mid-teens.
Past times include practice on the acoustic guitar, reading and spending time with family and friends.
Personal Aim: 'My aim is to share a beautiful and believable Jesus. I want people to experience the depth and wonderful recklessness of His love, that they may walk with Him through this life and the next.'
Goes to church on the north side of Sydney with el shaddai crew. .